Walmart Dress Code

Have you lately found yourself pondering over the Walmart dress code? Maybe you are thinking of applying for a position with the world’s leading retailer. Maybe you are interested in shopping.

Perhaps, your interests have been piqued. Whatever the situation, knowing the Walmart dress code is important, especially as an employee or potential employee, but even as a shopper. 

Walmart Dress Code 2023 – What You Need To Know

Walmart Dress Code

When most people think of Walmart, they don’t tend to think of dress codes. Well, that has likely changed over the past couple of months.

The recent requirements for surgical and medical masks in a lot of public shopping areas, this has also brought about a concern for dress codes.

For some, heading out to Walmart might mean throwing on your most comfortable everyday attire and heading out.

This might be completely acceptable as a shopper. However, things are a bit different when it comes to associates and employees.

Many people don’t know it, but Walmart instituted a new dress code in 2018. Everything from regular everyday attire to Walmart dress code shoes was changed.

On a more positive note, the new changes were favored by employees because they offered much more flexibility.

With that in mind, before you start learning about Wal-Mart’s dress code, you need to learn why dress code is important.

For employees, the importance of the dress code should be straightforward. Walmart doesn’t just ban certain types of clothing to be particular or bossy.

They do it because it can create unsafe and hazardous working conditions. For employees, choosing the wrong attire could result in a write-up or being sent home for the day.

As a shopper, choosing the wrong attire might mean you aren’t allowed inside the store to shop.

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Shopper’s Dress Code

As a shopper of Wal-Mart, you are pretty much granted the privilege of wearing whatever you want into the store.

In fact, you’ve probably spent hours, looking at and laughing at those pictures or videos of the most outlandishly dressed Walmart shoppers. If not, do a quick search. There was a huge fad at one time and is still fairly popular.

With that being said, you don’t have to worry about being turned away as a shopper, unless you walk in without shoes, a shirt, or pants. Other than that, you can pretty much wear whatever you want into the store as a shopper. 

Employee Dress Code

Although the Wal-Mart dress code is much more relaxed than most working environments, there are still some limitations.

Most people probably remember visiting their local Walmart and seeing associates in those blue vests and khaki pants.

Well, that changed in 2018. Back in 2018, Walmart instituted a more relaxed dress code that was much favored by the employees.

Employees can now wear any shade of denim jeans along with their favorite t-shirts and sweaters. However, the jeans must not have rips, tears, or holes.

They must also appropriately fit around the waist and hips. The jeans like the shirts and sweaters should also be void of any graphic designs, decorations, diamonds, or additional adornments.

The store also permits workers to wear sneakers rather than traditional dress shoes. 

What About Piercings And Tattoos?

Along with the new institution of this 2018 dress code, Walmart also made some touches on its piercing and tattoo policies. You’ll find that these new changes, once again, fell in the favor of the employees.

Tattoos and piercing regulations are now more relaxed than ever. Walmart will permit its employees to adorn tattoos and piercings.

Associates can even keep facial tattoos or piercings. The only exception is in the bakery and deli departments. If you work in these areas, you will have to cover or remove your piercings.

You will also be required to adorn the proper hairnets. With that in mind, it should be noted that bakery employees are usually paid a few dollars more than traditional associates. Your extra efforts and the additional regulations will be worth the extra effort. 

Still No Shorts

Unfortunately, Wal-Mart has still not relaxed its dress code enough to allow shorts. While employees can now wear any shade of denim jeans, they are still not permitted to wear shorts.

There might, however, be some exceptions to this rule for garden and outdoor associates in the summertime. This is something you’ll want to make sure you confirm with your supervisor ahead of time.

Wal-Mart has very strict policies and doesn’t tolerate violations. One or two violations and you could end up suspended without pay or find yourself looking for other employment.

While many might not consider it, Wal-Mart is an excellent employer with tons of equal advancement opportunities for those interested.

FAQs on Walmart Employee Dress Code

walmart employee dress code

What Is The Dress Code At Walmart?

As you learned above, Walmart instituted a new dress code in 2018. The Walmart employee uniform is no longer what it used to be.

Luckily, this new Walmart employee dress code was favored more than the previous because it allowed for more flexibility.

The new dress code for employees is that employees can wear shirts of any color or pattern along with denim jeans.

The jeans will be required to be straightforward, with no rips, embellishments, or jewels. Simple straightforward denim jeans. Walmart’s employees can also get away with simple sneakers.

In addition to this, associates will be issued the standard blue vest with the carded name tag. As far as Walmart’s dress code hair goes, employees can have long or dyed air.

There might be some stiffer requirements in the deli and bakery sections, but most of the stockers and cashiers can get away with longer, buzzed, dyed, or gelled cuts.

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Can Walmart Employees Wear Leggings?

Leggings are not part of the new Walmart employee uniform. As comfortable as these particular items might be, they are not allowed to be worn by Walmart associates. If you want to enter the store as a shopper in leggings, this is more than permissible. 

Can Walmart Employees Wear Shorts?

As stylish and comfortable as shorts might be, they are not permissible for associates. With this in mind, there might be special exceptions or alterations to this rule during the summer season.

Outdoor or gardening employees might be allowed to wear shorts during the warmer seasons. This is, of course, something you’ll want to confirm with your immediate supervisor because as of right now, shorts are not part of the standard dress code. 

Can Walmart Employees Wear Sweaters?

In addition to being stylish and sleek, sweaters can provide much-needed warmth during the cooler seasons. However, if you are an employee of Walmart, you will need to be extremely careful about your sweater selection.

To start, anything with a hood is not permissible. Hoodies are not allowed to be worn by employees, with no exceptions.

As far as sweaters go, you can adorn the standard sweater, as long as you are sensible. Any color selection will be fine, but you’ll want to limit words, rips, and designs.

If you want to adorn a sweater to work at Walmart, your best bet is to choose a plain, single solid-colored sweater.

Choose one with little to no designs, bells, or jewelry. There might be some exceptions to this during the winter season. Once again, you’ll always want to check ahead of time with your immediate supervisor.

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