Where To Find Capers In Grocery Store?

Where to find Capers in grocery store near you? Ultimately, many people will question this at some point. The good news is that most grocery stores carry and sell capers. They’re primarily found in the aisle with the condiments.

Check around the pickles and olives because they should be around here. If you’re having trouble finding this aisle, you should begin looking for ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise. Once you’ve found these condiments, you can guarantee that you’re in the right aisle. Use the guide below to avoid potential problems.

Where To Find Capers In Grocery Store?

Where To Find Capers In Grocery Store?

Where are capers in the grocery store? Before leaving home, you should find out where they’ll be kept. Otherwise, you’ll have to search the store aimlessly until you find what you’re looking for.

Thankfully, most grocery stores keep their capers in the same aisle. They are primarily found in the condiments section. Although it depends on the store in question, the condiments section is usually near the front of the store.

When searching the store, be sure to look for the condiments. Look for pickles, mustard, ketchup, olives, and other similar items. Usually, the capers will be placed around the pickles and olives.

If they’re not here, you may need to talk with one of the store’s representatives. They’ll likely be able to help you find what you need. Below, you’ll find out more about finding capers in your city.

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More About Capers

Before going any further, you should learn more about capers. What do they look like? How can you be positive that you’ve found what you’re looking for? Capers are flower bud that derives from the caper bush.

They’re light green and immature. What do they taste like? Capers have a tang with a tinge of lemon. They also have a unique tartness.

The unique taste isn’t for everyone, but some people will love it. You use capers for a wide assortment of purposes.

You can add them to your salad or soup. Alternatively, you can have them with salmon, oysters, salsa, and more. You’ll love the added flavor that capers add to your meal.

What To Use Capers For?

If you’re looking for capers, you likely have an idea of what you want to use them for. The possibilities are endless. Capers are versatile so they’ll work in a variety of dishes.

However, most people add them to salads and soups. Although you can add them to other soups, it is best to add them to creamy soups. You can also add them to eggs.

Once you’ve made deviled egg, add a handful of capers to the mix. Doing so will make a big difference. They’ll add more flavor to the dish.

Alternatively, you can combine them with oysters, salmon, canned fish, and pasta. You can also try creating a sandwich with capers.

It is a good idea to experiment until you find out what works for you and your loved ones. With patience, you’ll find what you like the most.

What Do They Look Like?

You need to find out what they look like to ensure that you can find them easily. It is easy to identify capers once you’ve found them. For instance, they’re going to be a small ball. They’re not perfectly round.

Instead, they’ll have curved edges. Furthermore, they tend to be light green. Capers are kept in jars. Again, you can find them near the pickles and olives.

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Comparing Capote Capers to Non-Pareil Capers

When you begin looking for capers, you may encounter two or three types. Capote capers and non-pareil capers are regularly sold in grocery stores across the country.

You must remember that capers are sold by size. On the minimal size, capers grow up to 1 mm in length. At the largest, they can reach 11 mm. The smaller capers are called non-pareil capers.

As for the larger capers, they fit into the Capote category. You’ll also notice that the taste is different. For instance, larger capers have a mild taste. Surprisingly, the smaller capers have a stronger taste.

Typically, Capote Capers range in size from 9mm to 11mm. Non-pareil capers are between 5mm and 7mm. Experiment with both until you find out which one works best for your dish.

Popular Caper Brands You Can Buy

One thing to remember is that there are numerous brands. For instance, you can buy Goya or Reese. These brands are highly popular because they offer high-quality products at affordable prices.

Other options include Cento, Mezzetta, Paesana, and Crosse & Blackwell. Although the brands are similar, there will be a slight difference in terms of taste.

Therefore, you should try several brands. When doing so, you’ll have an easier time knowing which one is going to work best for you.

Stores That Sell Capers

Stores That Sell Capers

Do you want to know where to buy capers? You’ll find that a handful of companies in the United States sell capers. Below, you’ll find out more about these retailers.

Publix – Publix regularly sells capers and other grocery items. The grocery store chain primarily operates in Florida and nearby states. Check your local Publix because the store will likely sell capers.

Safeway – Safeway is another grocery store chain that carries capers. However, many people do not live near a Safeway store. Therefore, you might have to look elsewhere.

Whole Foods – Today, Whole Foods is owned and operated by Walmart. The store sells many grocery items including capers. Check near the pickles because they’ll be around there somewhere.

Walmart – Walmart is one of the best stores to visit to buy capers. The store carries a little of everything, including groceries, clothes, electronics, and bicycles. Walmart keeps the capers near the condiments.

Kroger – Don’t forget to check your local Kroger store. The grocery chain regularly sells capers. It offers affordable products that are fresh and delicious. The capers should be near the olives and pickles.

Trader Joe’s – Trader Joe’s is popular among millennials. The store is slightly more expensive, but it offers a variety of high-quality products. These stores usually carry capers.

Amazon – Do you want to buy capers online and have them delivered to your home? If so, you should look no further than Amazon. The only downside is that you’ll have to wait for the item to be delivered to your home.

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How Much Do Capers Cost?

You’ll want to find out more about the cost of capers. How much should you expect to pay? Ultimately, it depends on how much you need and where you buy them.

For instance, you might be able to buy 2 pounds of capers for less than $18. If you want organic capers, you can get 7 ounces for less than $12. It is wise to shop around so you can get the best price and the highest quality capers.


Now that you’ve found out where to buy capers, you should go out there and buy them. Thankfully, many stores sell capers. You can pick them up at your local Walmart, Kroger, Safeway, or Publix.

In addition to this, you can buy them online through Amazon. The only problem with the latter is that you’ll have to wait for them to arrive. Still, it might be worth it because you’ll have a wider variety of options.

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