Where to Find French Fried Onions in Grocery Store?

Have you wondered where to find French fried onions in the grocery store? French fried onions are delicious when added to your salad and other dishes.

They can help enhance the flavor of the salad and give it a crunch. Just remember that you’ll have to visit a store that sells this item. You’ll also need to figure out where the French fried onions are kept in the store.

Where should you look for them? Below, you’ll find out more about French Fried Onions and stores that carry these products.

Where To Find French Fried Onions In Grocery Store?

Where To Find French Fried Onions In Grocery Store?

When you visit your local grocery store, you’ll likely want to get in and out as quickly as possible. If you don’t know what you need or where it is, you’ll waste a lot of time. With this in mind, you should figure out what you need and where it is before leaving home.

Are you looking for French fried onions? Unfortunately, this item tends to be difficult to find in most grocery stores because it is unique.

Not many brands sell it. With that being said, you may have to talk to one of the workers at the store to find out where it is kept.

Otherwise, you should start by looking in the canned food aisle. Be sure to look for a red package with the French logo on it. Although the French’s French Fried Onions could be elsewhere, they’re primarily kept with the store’s canned foods.

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Which Stores Sell French Fried Onions?

Are you interested in picking up a box of French Fried Onions? To do this, you’ll need to know which stores sell this item. Be sure to check the stores below.

Walmart – First, you should visit your local Walmart. Most people live near Walmart stores since the company is one of the largest retailers in the United States. Unless it is out of stock, most Walmart stores will carry French’s French Fried Onions.

They should be found in the store’s canned vegetables section. You can also try ordering them on Walmart’s website and picking them up in your local store.

Target – Don’t forget to check your local Target. Although it carries fewer groceries than Walmart, Target still has a wide selection. Again, you need to check the section containing canned vegetables. If your local Target has them, they’ll be found in this area.

Winn-Dixie – Winn-Dixie is another grocery store that carries French Fried Onions. You should be able to buy them from this store. Talk to a worker if you cannot find them in the canned goods aisle.

Wegmans – Many Wegmans stores carry this item. However, your local store might not. Therefore, it might be a good idea to call ahead. Doing so can help you avoid wasting your time.

Kroger – Kroger happens to be one of the biggest grocery store chains in the country. It has a massive selection of groceries, including chips, canned food, meats, fish, and more.

You can also buy certain household goods at your local Kroger. If you’re looking for French fried onions, visit your local Kroger and head to the canned vegetable section. You should find a box of them here.

Albertsons – You can likely purchase this item at an Albertson’s grocery store too. Besides carrying French’s, the company may have other brands too. For instance, it could have a Signature Select alternative. Although it might be cheaper, it’ll be just as tasty as French’s.

Publix – Publix is widely found in the southeastern portion of the United States. If you live in Florida or Georgia, you should travel to your local Publix. The company’s stores are clean and the staff is always friendly. Talk to someone at the store to see if they carry French Fried Onions.

Besides these stores, you can find many more that carry and sell French Fried Onions. For instance, you should try visiting Meijer, Hannaford, Safeway, Vons, Trader Joe’s, and Whole Foods. H-E-B might have this item as well.

Again, it is a good idea to call the store or check their website first. Doing so can help you confirm that the store carries French Fried Onions before you leave home.

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Numerous Ways To Use French Fried Onions

Numerous Ways To Use French Fried Onions

Since you’re buying French Fried Onions, you likely have a specific use in mind. You might want to add them to your salad.

Although this is one option, you’ll also find that you can use them for a variety of purposes. They’re delicious and versatile so you can always add them to your favorite dishes.

Adding Them To Your Burgers – First and foremost, you might want to add them to your hamburgers. The onions will add more flavor and a crunch to your hamburger. You’ll love the added taste.

Improving Your Soup – Do you want to add something extra to your soup? If so, you should try using French Fried Onions. They’ll make any soup better.

Spice Up Your Casserole – You might want to add them to your casseroles too. Although it sounds odd, it’ll be the perfect combination. You can guarantee that the onions are going to make a big difference.

Better Salads – Finally, you should consider adding them to your salads. The onions are delicious and crunchy. They’ll make your salads more exciting and tastier. Try adding French Fried Onions to your next salad. You may love the combination.

Finally, you should consider eating the onions right from the box. You can guarantee that you’ll love the salty taste. If you love French fries, you’re going to love French Fried Onions. Both are equally delicious.

Properly Storing French Fried Onions

Properly Storing French Fried Onions

Make sure that you’ve properly stored your French Fried Onions to ensure that they’re going to last. The good news is that it isn’t hard to store them. Usually, they’re in an airtight container.

All you have to do is secure the container and make sure the lid is tight. Once you’ve done that, you can store the onions are room temperature. If you don’t have a good container, you’ll want to get one.

Make sure that the onions are protected by an airtight container. They can typically last for a month or longer when correctly stored.


Where can you find French fried onions? You can buy this delicious item almost anywhere. You can buy a box at Walmart, Amazon, Target, and elsewhere. Plus, you’ll appreciate that the onions can be used for an abundance of purposes.

They can be added to salads, soups, burgers, and more. It is a good idea to buy a box or two since you’ll always be able to find a use for them.

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