Does Walmart Fill Propane Tanks?

Does Walmart fill & exchange propane tanks? In the United States, propane is utilized in various industries, including tourist, construction, industrial, entertainment, heating & air conditioning, automotive, and manufacturing.

Americans utilize propane for cooking, heating, refrigeration, soldering, air ballooning, and lighting. There are several methods utilized by American consumers and businesses to buy propane. Both methods are designed to offer cost- and time-efficiency.

It is available in pressurized tanks of varying sizes, which are limited through authorized vendors, including Walmart. Learn more about buying propane at Walmart by reading the content provided below.

Does Walmart Fill Propane Tanks in 2023?

How To Exchange Propane Cylinders At Walmart?

Does Walmart Exchange propane tanks? Walmart does sell prefilled propane tanks of varying sizes, including 7.75, 8, 14, 15.5, and 16 ounces. The retailer also sells 20-pound propane tanks.

Prefilled propane cylinders are utilized for soldering, camping fuel, barbecuing, outdoor lighting, forging, and much more.

RVs, fifth-wheel campers, pop-up trailers, and travel trailers are equipped with propane-fueled appliances. A brass tee adapter is utilized to create a connection between propane cylinders and recreational vehicle appliances.

To maximize safety and convenience, manufacturers install propane platforms on the rear or front of their recreational vehicles. The platform is utilized for propane storage to ensure 24-hour access to the propane.

Most recreational vehicles utilize a 20- or 30-pound propane cylinder. Propane cylinders sold through Walmart are limited to 20 pounds. The retailer does offer a selection of smaller sizes, ranging from 7.75 and 16 ounces.

How To Exchange Propane Cylinders At Walmart?

How does Walmart’s propane tank exchange work? Exchanging a propane tank at Walmart is a fairly simple process. Customers can make a propane purchase at a self-serve checkout and through a retail associate.

The first step of the process is to conduct a search for propane products. Customers utilizing a self-checkout register can access Walmart’s stock database.

There are two search options, both of which are efficient. Type in “propane” to access prefilled propane cylinders. Choose from an exchange or prefilled tank.

A 20-pound propane tank at Walmart is currently about $18. Add the selection to your cart and checkout, utilizing cash, credit card, debit card, or personal check.

Customers must alert an associate of their propane purchases before leaving the store. An associate will meet you outside near the propane refill station.

The propane exchange at Walmart takes less than 20 minutes.

Where Can You Exchange A Propane Tank?

Does Walmart Fill Propane Tanks?

While most people live near a Walmart, some do not. Therefore, it can be difficult for some people to exchange their empty propane tanks for full tanks. While Walmart is a good option, there are others.

The good news is that many retailers can exchange or fill your propane tank. If you see an AmeriGas cage outside of a store, you can guarantee that the store is going to exchange propane tanks for you.

Some of the main retailers that exchange propane tanks include Home Depot, Lowe’s, U-Haul, Dollar General, and Ace Hardware.

In addition to this, you can get your propane tank exchange at many convenience stores and gas stations. Most of them have exchange cages outside.

Finally, you should think about visiting RV stores. Since RV furnaces use propane, there is a good chance that your local RV store will exchange or refill propane tanks.

Usually, you can easily find retailers in your area that will exchange your propane tank. It is wise to consider the costs because they can vary widely from retailer to retailer.

Refill Or Exchange?

While you can exchange your empty propane tank for a full one, it might be better to have your old tank filled. Doing so is often a good choice because it offers a wealth of benefits.

First, you can guarantee that you’re going to save money when you get your old tank refilled. Right now, many consumers are desperate to save money. If you fit into this category, you should get your tank refilled because it’ll be cheaper.

Typically, exchanging a propane tank is going to cost between five or six bucks a gallon. If you refill the tank, you’ll pay roughly three or four bucks a gallon.

It is common to spend at least $1.70 less per gallon when you refill your propane tank. You’ll also find that refilling the tank is going to be more efficient. It is common for companies to only put 15 pounds of propane in 20-pound tanks.

Therefore, you’re getting less propane and paying more for it. If you get the tank filled, you will receive the full amount. You’ll spend less and the tank will last a lot longer.

Where can I fill up my propane tank? Several retailers can help fill your propane tank. U-Haul is a good option. It is common for hardware stores and RV stores to refill propane tanks too.

For instance, you can try visiting your local Tractor Supply store, Ferrelgas store, Bosley store, or Ace Hardware. Call the store first to make sure they can refill your propane tank.

What Is Propane Used For?

Propane can be used for an abundance of purposes. However, the majority of consumers use propane to power their grills. If you want to cook a steak, hamburger, or hotdog, it is a good idea to use your BBQ grill.

When doing so, you can use propane to cook the meat. You can also use charcoal, but propane tends to be easier. Plus, you’ll find that propane is used for many other purposes.

Most RVs have furnaces that are powered with propane. If you have enough propane, you can use it to heat your RV during the cold, winter months.

Propane can also be used to heat water, cook, dry clothes, and power farm equipment.


Are you interested in filling your propane tank? You might use it to power your grill. Alternatively, you may use propane to warm your RV on cold nights. The good news is that many retailers can fill your propane tank.

Regardless, Walmart offers the cheapest service. Therefore, you should consider returning your tank to Walmart. Once you’ve paid for a replacement, you’ll meet a representative outside. They’ll open the cage and give you a new tank. Your old tank will be placed in the cage so it can be filled later.

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FAQs on propane exchange at Walmart

propane exchange at Walmart

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Propane Tank?

The cost of replacing your propane tank depends. If you’re exchanging an empty tank for a full one, you’ll pay between $14 and $20. If you’re buying an empty 20-pound tank, you’ll be charged between $50 and $60. Remember that the price will depend on your area and current propane prices.

What Does Walmart Charge To Exchange A Propane Tank?

The cost of exchanging your propane tank at Walmart depends on the current price of propane in your country.

Propane is a commodity so its price climbs and drops depending on supply and demand. Regardless, it is common for Walmart to charge between $14 and $20 to exchange an empty propane tank for a full tank.

How Much Does It Cost To Exchange A 20 LB Propane Tank?

If you need to exchange a 20-pound propane tank, you should pick the cheapest option. Walmart is a good choice. You can also try getting the tank filled at a local RV store or hardware store.

If you’re going to exchange a 20-pound propane tank, you will be charged up to $20. The price depends on current propane prices, your area, and the store you visit.

Can You Exchange An Old Propane Tank For A New One?

You can likely exchange your old propane tank for a new one. Just remember that it depends on the shape of your old tank. If it is in good condition, you can exchange it for a full one without issues.

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