Does Starbucks Drug Test Applicants?

Starbucks offers decent employment opportunities for college kids, elderly workers, and others. Typically, it is easy enough to get a job at Starbucks. Nevertheless, the applicant will need to jump a few hurdles before officially becoming a Starbucks employee. What is required? Is there a chance that Starbucks will drug test the applicant?

It is common for employers to use drug tests to avoid hiring drug abusers who could create problems in the workplace. Nevertheless, some employers do not feel the need to drug test applicants. Where does Starbucks fit into the picture?

Entry Level Openings

Entry Level Openings

Truthfully, whether the applicant will be drug tested may depend on the position they’re trying to get. Individuals applying for entry-level positions likely won’t have to worry about drug tests.

It is common for new employees to get employed for entry-level positions without needing to pass a drug test. Still, it is important to note that Starbucks strives to maintain a drug-free workplace.

While the chance is slim, there is always a possibility that an applicant will be drug tested by Starbucks during the pre-employment procedure.

If someone finds themselves in a bind, they may be able to use certain tricks to pass the test. Although detox pills are not capable of providing guaranteed results, some people claim they were effective for them.

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Starbucks Drug And Alcohol Testing

Starbucks wants to make sure that employees are safe in the workplace. To achieve this goal, the company does what it can to maintain a drug-free workplace.

Some companies perform drug and alcohol tests to avoid hiring problematic workers. Starbucks may test its applicants before allowing them to join the roster. However, this requirement often depends on the position the applicant is attempting to get.

Starbucks can test workers in certain situations. Some workers have been tested during the pre-employment phase. Random drug tests are possible although they are not common at Starbucks.

A manager may opt to drug test a worker if they suspect that the employee has been using drugs at work. Finally, all employees should expect to be drug tested if they get hurt at work.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Job applicants are most likely going to be drug tested during the pre-employment process. However, Starbucks usually doesn’t use pre-employment drug tests for low positions such as cleaners or cashiers.

Still, it is best for applicants to remain clean when applying for any job at Starbucks because there is always a possibility that they will be drug tested.

Random Drug Testing

Random drug tests are common at some companies, but some companies rarely use random drug tests. Starbucks fits into the latter category since random tests are rare.

Random drug tests are sometimes used when a manager suspects one or more workers have been using drugs.

Suspicion Tests

A manager may believe that a worker has been using drugs during their lunch or break. If this happens, the manager may attempt to do something to rectify the problem.

They’ll likely start by confronting the worker and asking them to submit to a drug test. In some cases, the test will also check for alcohol.

The company always has the right to drug test any worker so it is best to be prepared for this.

Testing After An Accident

Finally, Starbucks may drug test a worker after they’ve experienced an accident. If the worker was seriously injured, the company will likely be liable for their medical fees.

Before paying your bills, the company will likely drug test you to make sure that you were not high or drunk. If you were, the company can claim that your drug use caused you to get hurt.

They may be able to avoid paying your bills as a result. Regardless, this is one of the most common reasons Starbucks will drug test workers.

Does Starbucks Drug Test? (Testing Options At Starbucks)

Does Starbucks Drug Test?

Drug testing procedures have evolved over the years. Today, employers have more options than ever since they can use urine drug tests, saliva drug tests, blood drug tests, and hair drug tests.

Nevertheless, most employers prefer using the cheapest options which are urine drug tests and saliva drug tests. These tests also offer other benefits because they’re quicker and easier.

Blood drug tests require a medical professional to draw someone’s blood. Then, the blood will be tested at a lab. A hair test is also extensive and more expensive.

Saliva drug tests can often be completed in minutes within the workplace. They can be used when a worker is suspected of abusing drugs at work.

Urine drug tests are most common during the pre-employment process. After a urine sample is collected, it will be tested by lab technicians.

Are Prescription Drugs Permitted At Starbucks?

Are Prescription Drugs Permitted At Starbucks?

Usually, drug use is prohibited at Starbucks. The company prefers maintaining a drug-free workplace.

Nevertheless, there are some exceptions that allow workers to use drugs without getting into trouble with management.

Starbucks will be fine with workers using prescription drugs as long as they have a valid prescription for the drug in question.

If you’re preparing for a pre-employment drug test, it is pertinent to tell the HR person about your prescription drugs first.

Give them a copy of your prescription so they’ll know that you’re legally allowed to take the drug in question. Show them the prescription during the interview for the best results.

Once you’ve done that, your test will be positive for that drug. Regardless, it won’t prevent you from getting the job.

What Does Starbucks Drug Screen Detect?

What Does Starbucks Drug Screen Detect?

Candidates applying for a managerial or supervisory position will need to submit to a pre-employment drug screen. Depending on the location and type of drug screen, job candidates may be sent to an offsite laboratory.

It is only normal for job candidates to have questions about the drug testing procedure. Starbucks’ recruiters are knowledgeable but may not know all the answers. It is recommended to reach out to the laboratory if your questions are left unanswered.

Some Starbucks locations utilize the 5-panel drug test to screen potential job candidates. The test requires a sample of saliva, urine, or hair follicle. The urine 5-panel drug test is commonly utilized at Starbucks locations.

The lab technician assesses the temperature reading which should be between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The test detects five controlled substances, including:

  • Amphetamine
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Opiate (Morphine, Heroine, and Codeine)
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)


Starbucks is a great place to work, according to its 70,000 employees in the United States. The coffee shop chain screens applicants to find the best fit for its nearly 6,600 locations.

Salary workers like clerks, hosts, and janitors are not required to sign a pre-employment drug screen consent form. Only managers and supervisors must sign the form before they are considered for employment.

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