Walmart Call In Sick 2023 – How To Do It

Working at Walmart comes with many responsibilities and perks. The job can be fun since you’ll get to meet many nice people from around the country. Plus, you’ll work with great people who work hard to get things done.

Just remember that you’re likely going to run into problems at home. For instance, you may get sick before your shift. Alternatively, a personal issue may arise that makes it difficult for you to go to work in the morning.

If this happens, you need to make sure that you call in using the Walmart call-in sick number. Continue reading to learn how to use the Walmart call off number.

Walmart Call In Sick 2023 – How To Do It?

Walmart Call In Sick

If you’re going to miss work, you need to let your supervisor know early. In general, you should call at least three hours before your shift. If you wait too long, you’ll receive warning points that could lead to a future suspension.

Before calling in, you’ll need certain information such as your store number, date of birth, and WIN number. Once you’ve collected these items, you should call 1-800-775-5944.

The phone operator will walk you through the process of calling out. Depending on how long you’ve been at Walmart, you may be able to take advantage of sick pay or intermittent leave benefits.

Regardless, it is always a good idea to call several hours before your shift. Doing so ensures that your supervisor has time to find a suitable replacement.

When Will Walmart Terminate Me?

It is vital for workers to learn how to call in sick at Walmart. Otherwise, you’re going to accumulate warning points before you lose your job.

Remember that Walmart has restrictions on the number of points each employee can receive. The specific number of points will depend on how long you’ve worked at Walmart.

If you’ve been there less than six months, you’ll have four points. If you receive five points, you’re going to face termination. As for workers who’ve been at Walmart for six months or longer, these workers have five points.

If they get five, six, or more points, they could lose their job. Workers should pay close attention to the number of points they’ve accumulated to avoid getting fired.

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What Is The Walmart Call Out Number?

Again, you should call Walmart to let them know that you’re going to miss work. If you wait too long, your supervisor won’t be able to find a suitable replacement in time.

Therefore, you should always notify your supervisor three or more hours before your shift is scheduled to begin.

To call out, you should use 1-800-775-5944. Call the number and provide the necessary information such as your WIN number, store number, and date of birth.

Walmart Employee Call In Sick Online

Walmart Employee Call In Sick Online

Besides calling the hotline mentioned above, you can also try calling in using the Walmart website. Thankfully, Walmart has made it very easy for workers to report an absence online.

Walmart workers have access to the OneWalmart website. Most should be familiar with it since it provides access to pay and other information.

If you want to report an absence online, you can do so using this website. You’ll have to log into the website using your employee account.

Then, you can access the report absence feature. It is wise to check your store number, date of birth, and Walmart Identification Number to ensure everything is accurate.

If everything is correct, you’ll need to select one of three options and report your absence. You can report an absence for that day, the next day, or a late absence.

You’ll also be asked to explain why you’re going to miss work. If you’re sick, it is wise to provide the system with information about your symptoms.

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What Is Needed?

Before you can report an absence at Walmart, you have to provide certain information. Without this information, you will not be able to correctly report your absence so you could get into trouble.

The Walmart report an absence process is quick and easy, but you’ll need this information first. For instance, you’re going to need your Walmart Identification Number.

You can find your WIN number by checking your paystub. Be sure to write it down since you’ll need to use it again when you decide to miss work.

You’ll also need your date of birth and store number. You can find your store’s number by searching for its address online.

Whether you’re reporting your absence over the phone or online, you’ll have to provide this information. It is important to have it on hand at all times.

How To Avoid Receiving Points When Missing A Shift At Walmart

You should learn the Walmart call-in sick number by heart because you’re likely going to use it regularly. Alternatively, you can use the Walmart report an absence feature on the OneWalmart website.

If you follow the company’s guidelines, you can miss your shift without having points added to your account. Once you’ve received too many points, there is a risk that you’re going to be terminated.

Since you don’t want this to happen, you should do everything possible to avoid getting points when missing work. To avoid problems, you should report your absence using the Walmart call-out number or the website.

Remember that you should always report your absences three hours or more ahead of time. If you get hurt or sick later than that, you should notify your store immediately. Don’t wait. If you report the absence three hours before your shift, you shouldn’t receive a point.

Are you going to be missing work for an extended period? Individuals in this situation should take advantage of Walmart’s intermittent leave benefit.

Let your supervisor know what is going on and report the missed shifts using my Sedgwick website. To avoid receiving points, your intermittent leave must be reported two days before you miss.


Overall, all Walmart workers need to find out how to report an absence. There is a good chance that you’ll have to miss work at some point.

Therefore, you should identify your DOB, store number, and Walmart Identification Number. Once you’ve written these things down, you can submit your absence using the company’s call-in number or the OneWalmart website.

Again, be sure to report your absence at least three hours before your shift begins. Otherwise, you’ll receive points and you could lose your job.

FAQs on Walmart call-off number

walmart call off number

How Do I Call In Sick At Walmart?

There are multiple ways to call in sick at Walmart. First, you can use the OneWalmart website. Log into your account to report your absence. You can also use the company’s hotline. The Walmart call-off number is 1-800-775-5944.

Do You Get A Point For Calling In Stick At Walmart?

You’re likely worried about getting a point for calling in sick. Ultimately, this is understandable since too many points will get you terminated. In general, you won’t receive a point.

If you follow the guidelines and report your absence early enough, you won’t receive a point. Your absence should be reported more than three hours ahead of time to avoid problems.

How Do I Call Into Walmart?

It is easy to call Walmart to let them know that you’re going to miss your shift. Most people will call 1-800-775-5944 to let the company know they’re not coming in.

Alternatively, you can report your absence using the company’s OneWalmart website. These methods are quick and convenient. Just remember to report your absence four or more hours in advance.

What Happens If You Don’t Call In Sick At Walmart?

Failing to report your absence is going to lead to major issues. If you were hired in the last six months, this could lead to you being fired.

If you’ve been working for Walmart longer than six months, you’ll receive points. Either way, it is best to notify your supervisor before missing work. Always report your absence four hours or more before your shift begins.

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