Walmart Point System Chart

The Walmart Point System Chart ensures fairness for employees and management. With approximately 2.2 million people working around the clock, Walmart is constantly hiring and terminating. While no company wants to fire an employee, it is oftentimes unavoidable with millions or part- and full-time workers.

To ensure employee fairness across its about 10,500 stores, Walmart developed an NCNS points system. There is no doubt, some absences and delays cannot be avoided. However, Walmart employees know the risk of doing one or the other.

If you value your Walmart position, you better be at work on your scheduled workday and on time. Learn more about the Walmart Late Policy by reading the content provided in the article below.

Walmart Point System Chart 2023

Walmart Point System Chart

What is the Walmart NCNS Point System? It is Walmart’s way of showing fairness to their employees when they are late and absent from work. Walmart is one of the largest American employers, with about 2.2 million workers. As previously mentioned, with so many employees, Walmart and other large retailers struggle to maintain a full workforce for nearly 10,500 locations.

Walmart’s point system chart is designed to help management determine when termination is the only option for employees who are consistently late and calling in. Being late or absent due to an emergency is one thing, but when there is no legitimate excuse, employees should face disciplinary action. The Walmart Point System Chart is key to determining when disciplinary action is called for.

How Many Points Do New-Hires Get?

Every new hire has zero No Call/No Show (NCNS) points on their record. If the employee chooses to heed the Employee Point System, they will maintain zero NCNS points throughout their employment with Walmart. Others will face termination when they reach or exceed their 5-point limit.

How Does The Walmart Point System Work?

Walmart utilizes its employee point system to help supervisors and managers manage their employees’ tardiness and absentees. The point system works automatically without human manipulation.

Every time a Walmart associate is late between 10 and 120 minutes (2 hours), ½ NCNS point is added to their record.

When a Walmart associate is late more than half of their scheduled shift, they will receive 1 full NCNS point. If the Walmart associate is a no-show, an additional 2 points are added to the 1 point, resulting in a total of 3 NCNS points.

Does Walmart Point System Reset?

Yes, the NCNS points remain on the employee’s record for up to six months from the accrual date. If a Walmart associate is late by 1-1/2 hours on December 1. It will be June 1 when the NCNS points are removed from the employee’s record. It is important to note, it may take an additional 24 hours for the points to be completely dropped.

If the employee has several absences that occurred on different dates that totaled 3 NCNS points. The full reset will not occur until the latest absence reaches the 6-month accrual deadline. In other words, if the last absence took place on December 15, the full reset would occur on June 15 or June 16 in some cases.

In the meantime, the first reset will leave 1-1/2 NCNS points on the employee’s record. It will take another 15 days for the final reset to take place. Only then will the employee have zero points on their record.

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Does Walmart’s Employee Point System Include Clock Out Before End Of Shift?

Yes, Walmart associates are not permitted to clock out early without permission. When an employee clocks out over 9 minutes before their shift ends, they will receive ½ point.

This does not seem like a lot, but repetitive clocking out early will result in termination fairly quickly. Unless you are looking to get fired, follow Walmart’s Point System rules.

When Are Tardy Points Received?

When the employee fails to clock in over 9 minutes after their shift begins. For example, a Walmart associate is scheduled to work from 9 am to 9 pm on Wednesday. The employee did not clock in until 9:10 am on Wednesday. This will result in a ½-point added to their record.

How Many Absence Point Does A Walmart Associate Get For Being A No-Show?

Does Walmart Point System Reset?

A Walmart associate opts to skip their shift without informing management. According to the Walmart Point System, the employee will receive 3 NCNS points. An absence with call-in results in a 1 NCNS point added to the employee’s record.

When the employee fails to notify management of their absence, an additional 2 NCNS points is received, totaling 3 full NCNS points.

Does Protected Paid Time Off “PPTO” Remove Absence Points?

Yes, Protected Paid Time Off “PPTO” does remove absence points. Walmart’s PPTO is designed to protect associates from being penalized for unplanned absences. Walmart understands things happen out of their employees’ control, which is why they created the PPTO rule.

When Walmart associates are sick or have a sick family member who needs their attention, they can take advantage of PPTO. The employee must notify management to take advantage of PPTO.

Employees who fail to notify management of their absentee will not be able to take advantage of the PPTO rule. The points will remain on the employee’s record for up to six months from the accrual date.

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What Is The Deadline For PPTO To Remove NCNS Points?

As previously mentioned, Walmart associates can take advantage of the PPTO protection rule only if they notify management of their absences. Even if the absence is unplanned, as long as the employee notifies management, PPTO can be utilized to remove NCNS points.

Associates who fail to notify management of their unplanned absences are excluded from utilizing PPTO to remove their absence points.

There is another exception to the PPTO rule. There is a 7-day deadline to apply for PPTO. For example, a Walmart associate had an unplanned absence and notified management on December 1. Three NCNS points were added to the employee’s record.

PPTO can be utilized to remove the NCNS points, but only if the employee applies within seven days of the accrual date, which in this case would be December 8.


Walmart is a great place to work. Employees have benefit options they can take advantage of after their 89th day of employment. Health care, dental, vision, accident, and short- and long-term disability plans are just a few examples. Employees also receive a 10-percent discount for regularly priced produce and other merchandise.


How Many Points Can You Get At Walmart?

Walmart associated are allotted 5 NCNS points within a 6-month period. If they receive more than 5 NCNS, the termination will be a possibility. With this said, some managers may decide to take action before an employee reaches a full 5 NCNS.

How Many Points Do You Need To Get Fired From Walmart?

Five NCNS points are required to get fired from Walmart. However, some managers may opt to fire an employee who has repetitive tardiness and absences. So, the 5-point rule may not always protect you from termination.

Do You Get Points For Calling In Sick At Walmart?

Yes, Walmart associates receive 1 NCNS point for calling in sick. Thanks to the PPTO protection rule, employees can request the NCNS points to be removed from their records. The PPTO protection is only available for workers who notify their managers of an absence.