Walmart Receipt Item Codes (How To Read A Walmart Receipt)

What do all of those Walmart receipt item codes mean? Walmart receipts are full of abbreviations and codes which are often confusing when you need to check your receipt. Let’s break down those item codes and learn how to read a Walmart receipt.

Walmart Receipt Item Codes Overview

Walmart Receipt Item Codes Overview

Common item codes you’ll see on your Walmart receipt include the letter codes N, X, O, T, A, B, P, R, and S, which are all sales tax codes. Other Walmart receipt codes, including ST#, OP#, TE#, TR#, and TC# show details related to the store and the transaction. The 12-digit numerical code listed next to each item is the item product code.

Understanding Walmart Codes At The Top Of Your Receipt

Underneath the Walmart logo at the top of your receipt, you’ll see the store telephone number, address, and manager’s name, followed by 4 codes. Each code begins with 2 letters and a hash sign, followed by a number.

  1. ST# is the store identification code. ST is an abbreviation for the store.
  2. OP# is the number assigned to the cashier who checked you out. OP stands for the operator.
  3. TE# is the unique serial number identifying the cash register terminal. TE is an abbreviation for the terminal.
  4. TR# is the transaction number. TR stands for the transaction.

Those codes are for Walmart’s internal use, and customers can safely ignore them.

Deciphering Walmart Receipt Codes

Each item you purchase will have a series of codes assigned to it on your Walmart receipt. Each line on the receipt is for a single item, and the codes are arranged in columns.

Reading your Walmart receipt from left to right, the first column shows the abbreviated product name. Because the product names are abbreviated, it’s often hard to figure out what the product actually is. (If you need help identifying the products on your receipt, you can use the Walmart receipt lookup tool, which we’ll explain later on).

The product name is followed by the 12-digit numerical item code. After the item code, you may see the letter F which shows which products are food items.

The next column lists the item price, excluding any applicable sales tax, and the last column shows the letter signifying the sales tax code applied to the item.

Some abbreviated product descriptions include the following terms:

  • ORG – Organic
  • PKG – Packaged
  • VG – Vegetable
  • GV – Great Value (a Walmart brand)

Walmart Receipt Item Codes – Sales Tax Identifiers

Walmart Receipt Item Codes - Sales Tax Identifiers

  1. The code letter N on your receipt means that the product purchased is nontaxable, so sales tax will not be added to the item price.
  2. The code letter O on your receipt shows that the sale item purchased is nontaxable.
  3. The code letter T on your receipt indicates that the sale item purchased is taxable.
  4. The code letter X on your receipt means that the item purchased is taxable.
  5. The code letter A on your receipt shows that the only tax applied to the item is the general merchandise tax.
  6. The code letter B on your receipt means that the only tax applied to the item purchased is the food sales tax.
  7. The code letter P on your receipt shows that 2 taxes are charged on the item. The first tax is the general merchandise tax. The second tax is the tax on prepared foods.
  8. The code letter R on your receipt shows that 2 taxes are applied to the item. The first tax is the general merchandise tax. The second tax is the tax on wine.
  9. The code letter S on your receipt shows that 2 taxes are applied to the item. The first tax is the general merchandise tax. The second tax is the tax on beer.

What Other Information Is On Your Walmart Receipt?

Once your items have been scanned at the checkout, the price to pay is calculated. This amount is shown on your Walmart receipt as the subtotal, sales tax, and total.

Underneath the subtotal, you’ll see the amount of sales tax applied to your purchases. When more than one rate of sales tax is charged, each tax rate is listed separately along with the sales tax category.

For example, you could see TAX 1 – 7.0% and TAX 2 – 3.4 % on your receipt. The sales tax is only applied to taxable items.

The next line on your Walmart receipt will show the total you need to pay. This is the subtotal plus the sales tax. Underneath the total is the information about the payment method you used.

These Walmart Receipt Codes Identify Your Payment Method

These Codes Identify Your Payment Method

TEND is short for “tendered”, which simply means the amount given. If you paid part of the total with cash and the rest with a card, both payment methods and amounts will be shown.

  1. CASH TEND shows a cash payment. This will be followed by Change Due.
  2. DEBIT TEND shows a bank card or EBT card payment.
  3. MCARD TEND shows a payment made with a Mastercard credit card.
  4. VISA TEND shows a Visa credit card payment.
  5. AMEX TEND shows an American Express payment.

For card payments, the last 4 digits of the card number will be listed, along with authorization reference codes.

The reference codes related to card transactions are:

  • APPROVAL# followed by a number
  • REF# followed by a number
  • TRANS ID followed by a number
  • AID followed by a number
  • AAC followed by a number
  • TERMINAL# followed by a number

The final information on the receipt is your 20-digit transaction code, which starts with the letters TC#. This is followed by a barcode and the transaction date and time.

Walmart receipts also include a QR Code, so you scan your receipt with the Walmart app to save your purchase details to your Walmart account.

On the back of your receipt, you’ll find information about Walmart’s return policy.

How To Use The Walmart Receipt Lookup Tool

How To Use The Walmart Receipt Lookup Tool

Use the Walmart receipt lookup tool if you’ve lost your receipt and need a replacement, or if you can’t figure out what an item on your receipt with an abbreviated product name refers to. For lost receipts, you’ll need to get your transaction details from your card statement.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the Zip Code or city for the store.
  3. Enter the purchase date.
  4. Enter your card type and last 4 digits. This must be the card you used to make the payment.
  5. Enter the receipt total.
  6. Complete the Captcha and then click the “Lookup Receipt” button.

The receipt lookup shows every item purchased, including the product image, product name, and product price. Click the blue download button to get a printable copy of your receipt.

If you used cash to pay for your Walmart purchases, you’ll need to contact Walmart customer service for help.

Walmart Receipt Codes Lookup Key Takeaways

We’ve covered how to read Walmart receipts and how to use the Walmart receipt lookup tool. For each item you purchase at Walmart, your receipt will show the abbreviated product name, the numerical product code, the item price, and the sales tax category.

Receipts will display the sales tax rates applied to your purchases. Your payment information includes the total amount paid, the sales tax charged, the method of payment, and the change due. If you paid with a card, the receipt will also include the transaction authorization codes.

At the top of your Walmart receipt, you’ll find the store contact details, along with the cashier identification number and cash register serial number related to your transaction.

The bottom of your Walmart receipt shows the transaction code (TC#) for your purchase, the date, and time of your transaction, a barcode, and a QR Code. Scan the QR Code to store your receipt in your Walmart account.

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