Who Owns Walmart Now?

Who owns Walmart now? The company has expanded around the globe leading many consumers to wonder who owns it now. Walmart is one of the largest retailers in the world with countless owners.

After all, it is a publicly-traded company meaning anyone who owns stock in Walmart owns a piece of the company. Nevertheless, some entities own a bigger chunk of Walmart than others.

Who are the biggest owners of Walmart right now? Did Walmart sell out to China? Continue reading this guide to find out.

Who Owns Walmart Now – Public Company With Many Owners

Who Owns Walmart Now

In 2022, Walmart was not owned by China. The Walton family founded the company many years ago. It still owns the largest share of Walmart.

As mentioned above, Walmart is a publicly-traded company so anyone can purchase and own a piece of Walmart.

The Walton family owns several entities including Walton Family Holdings Trust and Walton Enterprises LLC. In addition to this, many large investment companies in the United States own shares in Walmart.

The Vanguard Group owns at least 5% of Walmart’s shares. The market is rapidly changing so hedge funds and other investment groups can easily buy and sell Walmart shares as they wish.

As a result, the real owners of Walmart are changing regularly. Is Walmart Chinese owned? No, but Chinese businesses benefit greatly from Walmart and vice versa.

Did China Buy Walmart?

There is often a misconception that Walmart is now owned by China. Although Chinese companies and Walmart benefit greatly from several relationships, Walmart is still primarily owned by American individuals and entities.

As mentioned above, the Walmart family owns a large chunk of the Walmart enterprise. As a result, the company owns and manages the company’s operations and stores.

It has the biggest say in what happens at Walmart. Both businesses owned by the Walton family have more than 50% of all Walmart shares. Nevertheless, the company has a variety of other shareholders.

Walmart Shareholders

Walmart has been a publicly-traded company since its shares were first listed on the NYSE in 1972. Since then, numerous trading agencies and hedge funds have bought and sold Walmart shares. Today, it is estimated that Walton Enterprises LLC owns 35% of all Walmart shares.

Numerous companies have held Walmart shares. For instance, Blackrock, Geode Capital Management, State Street Global Advisors, and the Vanguard Group own shares.

As for Walton Family Holdings Trust and Walton Enterprises LLC, the entities own 10% or less.

Why Do People Think Walmart Is Chinese Owned?

Why Do People Think Walmart Is Chinese Owned?

Over the years, many people have suspected that Walmart is owned by Chinese investors and funds. While the Chinese economy and numerous Chinese companies benefit from Walmart, the company is not owned by Chinese investors.

The primary reason people believe Walmart is Chinese-owned is because of the fact that most items sold at Walmart are produced in China. It is estimated that as much as 80% of the stuff you can buy at Walmart comes from China.

In addition to this, more than 7,000 Chinese stores have teamed up with Walmart to sell their products to American consumers.

Walmart sells some American-made and American-sourced products. However, most items sold at Walmart came from China.

Ultimately, this includes electronics, computers, clothes, and more. If you look at the back of a product from Walmart, you’ll likely find that the item in question was made in China.

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Does Walmart Operate In China?

Now that you’ve learned who owns Walmart stores, you should begin learning more about the company’s international operations. Over the years, Walmart has quickly spread across the world.

While its biggest operations are found in the United States, it has stores in many other countries. Walmart stores can be found in all 50 states. In addition to this, the company has stores in Canada, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Britain, and Argentina.

You can also find Walmart stores in China. It is estimated that 400 Walmart stores serve roughly 180 cities in China. The company also has at least 20 distribution centers in China.

When visiting a Chinese Walmart, you’ll find that roughly 95% of all items come directly from China. Few items are imported because China is the biggest manufacturer in the world.

Where Are Walmart Stores Not Found?

Walmart stores can be found everywhere. The company has expanded diligently over the years. Once it took over the American market, it had to expand outside of the country to gain more customers. As a result, it has stores in many countries.

Nevertheless, Walmart hasn’t entered certain countries yet. In 2013, the company had sales of $135 billion in 26 countries outside of America. Regardless, it hasn’t found success in certain countries, including Germany, Russia, South Korea, or India.

In 2013, the company announced it was splitting with its Indian business partner Bharti Enterprises. Previously, the company had plans to open hundreds of stores across the country. Although Walmart is successful around the world, it hasn’t established itself in certain areas.

Walmart failed in India because the Indian government required foreign retailers operating in India to source at least 30% of products from small and medium Indian businesses.

How Many Walmart Products Are Manufactured In China?

How Many Walmart Products Are Manufactured In China?

During the early days of Walmart, the company primarily sold products made in the United States. Unfortunately, America rarely manufactures products today. Therefore, Walmart has to work with China to ensure that its shelves remain stocked.

As a result, Walmart’s shelves are primarily stocked with items made in and shipped from China. Walmart has relationships with more than 7,000 Chinese supplies. It is expected that 80% or more of the items in Walmart are made in China.


Did Walmart sell out to China? Although the answer is no, many consumers believe that Walmart is owned by the Chinese. The problem is that Walmart primarily sells products made in China.

Another issue is the fact that American manufacturing is mostly nonexistent today. It has been outsourced to China because the labor is cheaper. Regardless, Walmart is not a Chinese-owned business. It just does a lot of business with Chinese companies.

FAQs (Frequent Asked Questions)

Is Walmart Owned By China?

Walmart is not owned by Chinese investors or funds.

What Percentage Of Walmart Is Owned By China?

China owns a small percentage of Walmart.

Do The Waltons Still Own Walmart?

The Walton family still owns Walmart. It owns the largest share.

Who Owns the Most Walmart Stock?

The Walton family still owns the largest group of Walmart stock.