Can You Use An Amazon Gift Card At Walmart?

With the ever-increasing popularity of Amazon, it is not uncommon for people today to wonder, can you use an Amazon gift card at Walmart. Given that Walmart is a one-stop retailer for anything you might want or need, it is only natural to wonder about such.

Walmart does offer a wide variety of gift cards, but unfortunately, you will not be able to use or buy Amazon gift cards through the retailer. Want to know why and learn more about Amazon gift cards in the process?

Can You Use An Amazon Gift Card At Walmart 2023

Can You Use An Amazon Gift Card At Walmart

Given the popularity and reach of both Walmart and Amazon, it is only natural for customers to wonder if they can spend their Amazon gift cards at Walmart. Walmart is without a doubt the world’s leading physical retailer, and Amazon is by far the world’s leading online retailer.

Unfortunately, it is for this very reason that Walmart does not allow consumers to use Amazon gift cards to purchase products.

Walmart doesn’t offer Amazon gift cards or any Amazon-related products in any of its stores. They do, however, offer a wide selection of alternatives.

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Where Can I Use My Amazon Gift Card?

If you’ve found yourself wondering, can I use an Amazon gift card at Walmart, you’ve likely just been disappointed. Unfortunately, Walmart doesn’t take Amazon gift cards. They don’t even sell them or any Amazon-related products. So, where can you redeem your gift cards?

Unfortunately, the only place you can spend your Amazon gift card is with Amazon. The same is similar to GameStop, Lowes, or Microsoft gift cards.

That being said, Amazon is a bit more unique than most retailers. There honestly is no need to want to spend your Amazon gift card anywhere else because the online retailer offers access to nearly anything and everything you would ever want or need. Of course, the only problems are you can’t see the product beforehand, or you can’t try it on.

There is another option available for those interested. This is one of the less desirable options because it requires more moving pieces, but it is still there on the table. That option would be to sell your Amazon gift cards on eBay.

You can go on there and auction it off. One of the biggest downsides to these methods is that you likely won’t get the full amount for the card. You may, but the chances are better than you won’t.

How Are Amazon Gift Cards Redeemed?

If you are the receiver of an Amazon gift card or you are thinking about sending someone a card, you’ll be more than happy to learn the simplicity of the entire process. To redeem an Amazon gift card, you will need a legal and registered Amazon account.

People that do sell their Amazon gift cards on eBay usually do so because they don’t have an Amazon account or simply don’t want to sign up for one.

So, you will need a legal and real account to claim the card. Other than that, the redeeming process is simple. The card is nothing more than a voucher. All one needs to do is visit the official Amazon website, navigate to the redeem a gift card section, and enter your account information.

There will be a claim code somewhere on the card or sent to your e-mail account. This is the code that will verify you are the recipient of the fund.

All you need to do is simply enter this code into the necessary fields and the funds will be directly added to your Amazon account. 

How Can I Buy Amazon Gift Cards For Someone?

With the popularity and wide reach of Amazon, it is easy to understand why someone would consider offering another a gift card as a present, reward, or gift.

Amazon has grown into such a large retailer that they offer access to nearly anything anyone would ever want or need. Giving someone an Amazon gift card is like giving them a voucher to Books-A-Million, Walmart, GameStop, Target, and Dick’s Sporting Goods, all in one.

Anything you can find in those stores; you’ll be able to find on Amazon. That said, it’s easy to understand why someone would gift an Amazon gift code. Luckily, sending a card to someone is just as easy as redeeming one.

The process can be done in several different ways. You can buy an Amazon gift card the same way you would buy any other gift card.

While Amazon doesn’t offer any physical retail outlets, you can travel to an applicable physical retailer, buy a card, provide the necessary information, and load on money.

Another way and probably the more convenient option is to simply visit Amazon’s official website and buy the card. The option will, however, require you to be more versed in the world of online retail. 

Do Amazon Gift Cards Expire?

Do Amazon Gift Cards Expire?

It is highly unlikely that anyone would hang onto an Amazon gift card for such an extended period of time, but it is entirely possible. That being said, it should be known that Amazon gift cards will automatically expire one year after they are purchased.

You won’t likely be provided any e-mails or physical mail notifications before the card goes bad, so you’ll always want to keep a vigilant eye on the card and its expiration date.

Make sure you use the card before the expired time because there will be no way to claim your funds afterward. Amazon is well known for its reliability and working with its customers, but they will simply not give you access to the redeemable funds once the expiration date has passed.

There might be some exceptions if the date is just a few days passed, but it is highly unlikely. Don’t take the chance! 

FAQs  (Frequent Asked Questions)

Can I Use Amazon Gift Card Anywhere?

Unfortunately, Amazon gift cards can only be used with Amazon. You can use them to purchase Amazon or Amazon-related products. Maybe you want to extend your Prime subscription. Maybe you want to order an item or place a bid on something.

These are all acceptable things you can do with an Amazon gift. Given the reason of the huge online retailer, you can find just about anything you’d ever want or need through its online platform. 

How Can I Turn An Amazon Gift Card Into Cash? 

Yes, many might be surprised that they can turn their Amazon gift cards into cash. That being said, the process is a bit more detailed and in-depth than many would like. There are a couple of ways that you can go about doing this.

However, the most convenient and straightforward way to do this is by simply transferring your Amazon account balance to your bank account and then withdrawing the money via an ATM or through the bank.

This option will require you to have a legal banking account. There is also the option of selling your Amazon gift cards on eBay, transferring the money to your bank account, and then later withdrawing the funds this way. 

Where Can I Pay With Amazon Gift Card?

If you want to spend your Amazon gift cards the only place you will be able to do so is with Amazon. You can purchase anything that Amazon sells or Amazon-related products with these cards.

Given that Amazon is such a widely popular and vast online retailer, you can nearly find anything you would want through its online platform. Car parts, food, clothes, games, electronics, books, or nearly anything you are looking for, you can find through the online retailer.

The only caveat is that you will have to wait for it to ship and arrive. You also will not be able to test, try on, or examine the product beforehand.

That said, Amazon is extremely reliable and offers more than reasonable return and exchange policies on damaged, lost, or misplaced products.

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