Does Walmart Sell Amazon Gift Cards?

When shopping for the perfect gift for a loved one it is only natural to ask, does Walmart sell Amazon gift cards. Walmart is one of the easiest and most convenient places to shop but offers some of the best deals you can get your hands on.

When they say our prices are always rolling back, you can count on it to be the truth. With that established, it only makes that someone might shop for Amazon gift cards at Walmart.

The only problem is Amazon gift cards are a bit tricker than most imagine. Here’s a complete guide to Walmart and Amazon gift cards.

Does Walmart Sell Amazon Gift Cards in 2023?

Does Walmart Sell Amazon Gift Cards

Most people are familiar with Amazon by now. Just in case you aren’t, they are a large e-commerce market that offers everything from books to today’s most advanced electronics.

Kitchen gadgets, car parts, housewares, or whatever you are looking for, you can find them on Amazon. It did start out as an online bookstore but has highly evolved into a multimillion-dollar online retailer.

Online retail has grown into more than just a passing fad. Some of today’s biggest and most successful companies have something to do with the Internet. Just look at Amazon!

They are the prime example. It is said that they are one of the world’s leading retailers today. Along with Amazon, there is Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Apple.

While Facebook and Microsoft do not offer retail shopping, they do offer a marketplace where customers can barter items, sell company advertisements, and do all kinds of online trading. Microsoft does offer a retail platform that sells computer hardware and components.

Shopping for certain people can be tough. Relatives you rarely see or people you aren’t entirely intimate with, you simply don’t know everything about them.

Why waste your time and hard-earned money buying them a gift that they won’t likely use or appreciate? Sure, there are universal gifts that just about everyone can use, but a gift will mean so much more when it is impactful and useful. Use something every day on a daily basis and you will grow attached. This is where Amazon gift cards come in.

Being the huge widely varied online retailer they are, you give people the option of buying nearly anything when you give them a gift card from the online retailer. People can redeem and use these gift cards just as they would use any traditional gift card.

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How To Buy Amazon Gift Cards

So, it probably is pretty obvious why anyone would want to invest in Amazon gift cards. Got a relative with a birthday coming up? Maybe you are struggling with a Christmas gift for a co-worker.

Whatever the situation is, an Amazon gift card provides the perfect reprieve. Gift cards have been widely used throughout history for varying reasons, but Amazon gift cards offer something more.

They are like an introduction to online retail. Some people are still hesitant and question shopping online. There is no doubt there are risks in specific scenarios, but when shopping with a reputable and reliable retailer like Amazon, the risks are nearly nil.

Amazon has been in business long enough to perfect its trade and online encryption to also guarantee customers complete satisfaction.

Although anything can happen from the distribution center or shipping point to the delivery point, Amazon has proven time and time again they are more than willing to work with consumers to reimburse them, resend products, or do whatever is necessary to satisfy them.

When you give someone an Amazon gift card, you give them a chance to explore an entirely new means of shopping. With that established, buying these gift cards is easy. There are a number of various ways to go about it.

The first and most obvious would be to visit Amazon, click on the gift card option, and fill out the required information. The next part of the process will run you through all the necessary requirements.

How much do you want to put on the card, what name are you putting the card in, where are they sending the card, and all the other pertinent information?

This approach, however, requires online purchasing. As was already established some people still aren’t familiar or comfortable with online retail. And that’s more than okay. Luckily, you can buy these cards in a variety of popular chain stores.

Walgreens, Kroger, Lowes, and a variety of other chain corporations offer these cards. Unfortunately, Amazon gift cards Walmart will not be possible because they do not offer them.

Purchasing these Amazon gift cards in the above-mentioned select stores is straightforward. All you must do is choose the card from a rack, take it to the front, and tell the cashier how much you want to load on the card. There might be some other information required, but everything is handled right then and there. 

Does Walmart Have Amazon Gift Cards?

Being that Walmart is the world’s biggest physical retailer and Amazon is the world’s biggest online retailer, many people oftentimes find themselves wondering if Walmart sells Amazon gift cards.

Unfortunately, this isn’t applicable. Walmart views Amazon as one of its biggest competitors. Therefore, they are not going to promote their products.

Walmart does offer a variety of other exciting options when it comes to gift cards, but Amazon will not be among those options. You will need to visit another applicable retailer. 

Does Walmart Sell Amazon Products?

Walmart and Amazon are in such heavy and heated competition that Walmart doesn’t even offer any Amazon-related products in their stores. Kindle or Fire Stick products will not be purchasable in any Walmart store.

If you are interested in such items, the best and probably the most convenient place to find them is online with Amazon. 

Redeeming Amazon Gift Cards

Now comes the fun part. The redeeming of the cards! Whatever the scenario, it is always much more exciting to spend money on something that will provide enjoyment and entertainment.

This is not to say putting a smile on someone’s face and joy in their heart isn’t fun, but that’s completely beside the point. Luckily, redeeming an Amazon gift is simple. You don’t need to be a computer wiz to redeem the card.

In fact, the redeemer of the card doesn’t even need to do anything. The funded amount is automatically added to the individual’s Amazon account. Therefore, the person you are sending the card does need an established Amazon account.

You’ll also need his or her account information so the amount can be added. Making a purchase with the Amazon gift card will be no different than making any other purchase with the online retailer. 

What Gift Cards Can You Get At Walmart?

While Walmart does not offer its customers access to Amazon gift cards, they do offer them access to a wide range of other options.

Unfortunately, these alternatives are not direct replacements, but they are certainly great alternatives. Plus, purchasing them would be so much more convenient while you are already there in the store.

Some alternative options available through Walmart are Apple Store cards, iTunes cards, Mastercard, Starbucks, Visa cards, Subway, Microsoft Xbox, GameStop, Facebook, and tons of others. Walmart’s gift cards are usually located right up front near the registers.

They are always together, and you’ll be able to browse through their entire selection right there. There are also online purchasing options available for those interested.

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FAQs on Amazon Gift Card Walmart

Amazon Gift Card Walmart

Are Amazon Gift Cards Sold At Walmart?

Unfortunately, consumers will not be able to directly purchase Amazon gift cards at Walmart. The biggest reason for this is that Walmart views Amazon as one of its biggest, direct competitors. This is why Walmart does not sell its gift cards.

Where Are Amazon Gift Cards Sold?

Luckily, consumers that are interested in purchasing Amazon gift cards can do so in stores. While you will not be able to directly buy them at local Walmart, you will be able to purchase them through Kroger, Whole Foods Markets, USPS, Walgreens, Staples, online, and various other big chain stores.

Does Walmart Not Sell Amazon Gift Cards?

No, once again, Walmart does not offer consumers gift cards. The reason they do not is that they view Amazon as one of its top competitors.

What Stores Sells Amazon Gift Cards?

For those interested in obtaining Amazon gift cards without purchasing them online, there are tons of options. Some of the most widely available and used options are Walgreens, Best Buy,

Dollar General, CVS, Family Dollar, GameStop, Kroger, JC Penny, Lowes, and various other big chains. There is also the option of buying them directly online. A lot of people aren’t yet comfortable with online shopping, and for those that aren’t, there are plenty of in-person buying options.

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