Costco Executive Membership Hours

Have you ever wondered more about the Costco executive membership hours? Many consumers love shopping at Costco because the company offers affordable, high-quality products. The only downside is that you’ll have to become a Costco member.

If you live near one of the company’s stores, it is a good idea to become a member. It’ll prove to be well worth it. You may want to become a highest-level member. What is an Executive Membership? Continue reading the guide below to find out more about this membership.

What Are The Costco Executive Membership Hours?

Costco Executive Membership Hours

Are there any executive membership hours at Costco? You’ll find that Costco does not have executive times at this point. In the past, Executive Members were able to shop exclusively during specific times.

Unfortunately, that policy ended sometime in 2015. Now, Executive Members have to shop simultaneously with other customers. Nevertheless, you’ll find that Executive Members receive numerous benefits.

Therefore, it still might be a good idea to sign up for an Executive Membership.

Getting In Early At Costco As An Executive Member

In the past, Executive Members received better benefits. For instance, as an Executive Member, you could visit the store an hour before Gold Star members could enter. You’d have a whole hour to shop before Gold Star members could.

Unfortunately, the perk is no longer available. You do not get to enter the store earlier than other members anymore. Regardless of the membership package, you will only be able to shop when the store is open.

You can enter the store when it opens at 10 AM on weekdays and Sundays. Typically, Costco stores open at 9:30 AM on Saturdays.

However, the hours might be slightly different in your area. It is common for warehouses to open 15 minutes early before holidays. Either way, Executive Members will be able to enter Costco at the same time as other members.

More About The Executive Membership At Costco

There are no Costco Executive hours anymore, but the membership is still available. When you become a Costco member, you have to decide which package you want. You can upgrade to a better membership, but you’ll have to pay more.

For instance, you can pay $60 more to upgrade to the Executive Membership tier. You’ll pay $120 annually. Once you’ve signed up for this card, you’ll receive a card for your spouse too.

Although Executive Membership isn’t right for everyone, it has several perks. Continue reading below to find out more about these perks.

Perks Of Executive Membership

There are no Costco Executive Membership early hours, but you’ll still receive certain benefits. As an Executive Member, you’ll receive numerous benefits that aren’t available to lower-tier groups. For instance, you’ll receive the following benefits.

  • Added Savings

First, you’re going to receive exclusive savings. You can get extra savings on auto servicing, mortgage programs, insurance, and roadside assistance.

Certain discounts are available for specific business services too. Executive Members also receive extra discounts and offers.

  • Cash Back

There is a good chance that you’ll want to take advantage of the company’s cashback offer. If you want to maximize the cashback you receive, it is a good idea to become an Executive Member. Once you’re an Executive Member, you’ll receive 2% cashback on many purchases.

However, you will not receive cashback on purchases of tobacco or alcohol. If you spend $3,000 annually at Costco, the membership will pay for itself. Therefore, it is a good idea to consider becoming an Executive Member.

Costco offers a handful of memberships. It is pertinent to find the one that works best for you. In some cases, you’ll benefit greatly from becoming an Executive Member. Consider its benefits to find out whether it is right for you.

Should You Get A Costco Membership?

While the Costco Executive Member benefits are immense, some are still hesitant to become a member. Although you’ll have to pay annually for a membership, it could be worth it.

Therefore, you should learn more about the perks. Once you’ve done that, you’ll know whether the membership is a good option for you. Should you become a Costco member?

First, you need to make sure that you live near a Costco. If you don’t, it would be pointless to become a member. Driving 20 or 30 minutes out of the way would negate the benefits.

Costco offers bulk shopping opportunities at low prices. Plus, it sells the highest quality merchandise. Just remember that you cannot shop at Costco until you’ve signed up for a Costco membership.

Membership is likely worth it if you live within 20 minutes of a Costco warehouse and you have a spouse. Your vehicle also needs to be large enough to carry bulk items easily.

Costco memberships can be good for people who spend at least $2,000 each year on groceries and household items. You’ll also need plenty of space in your home to carry the bulk items.

Types Of Costco Memberships

Although you could become an Executive Member, you’ll also want to learn more about the different memberships. Thankfully, the possibilities are endless. The company offers several membership levels.

For instance, the lowest membership is the Gold Star membership. As a Gold Star member, you’ll pay $60 annually. You can upgrade to the Gold Star Executive membership which will cost $120 annually. There are business memberships as well. A conventional Business membership will cost $60 annually.

Again, you can become a Business Executive member for $120 a year.

  • Gold Star

The Gold Star membership is a good choice for people spending $2,000 a year at Costco. With this membership, you can visit and shop at any Costco store in the world.

You can also use the company’s official website. The Gold Star membership is the cheapest so it might be a good option for you. You can sign up for a membership online.

Gold Star Executive Membership

Some people want additional perks. If you fit into this category, you’ll want to consider becoming a Gold Star Executive Member. It is twice the price of a conventional Gold Star membership. You’ll pay $120 annually.

The good news is that the membership comes with exclusive benefits. For starters, you’ll receive all benefits available with the Gold Star membership.

In addition to this, you’ll get 2% rewards on all eligible purchases. After you’ve been a Gold Star Executive member for three months, you’ll receive a gift card from Costco.

It will contain 2% of the amount you’ve spent at Costco during the year. Just remember that the reward will not exceed $1,000. Regardless, you’re going to have more money to spend at Costco.

It is estimated that people spending over $3,000 annually at Costco will benefit from this membership. If you don’t, you may want to drop to the conventional Gold Star membership.


Again, there are no Costco Executive membership early hours. The feature was eliminated several years ago. With this in mind, you should learn more about the available benefits. The Executive membership is a good choice if you shop at Costco and spend $3,000 annually.

If you spend less than that, you might want to purchase a standard Gold Star membership. Either way, you should learn more about these membership options and pick the one that works best for you.

FAQs on Costco Executive Hours

Costco Executive Hours

Is Costco Open Early For Executive Members?

At one time, Costco opened early for people with Executive Memberships. Unfortunately, that perk was eliminated several years ago. Now, Executive Members have to shop during normal operational hours.

Does Costco Have Different Hours For Executive Members?

Costco no longer has different hours for Executive Members.

What Time Can Costco Business Members Enter?

As a Business Member, you can enter your local Costco at 10 AM every day. On the weekend, you can enter at 9:30 AM.

What Does Executive Membership At Costco Get You?

The biggest perk associated with Executive membership is the 2% rewards. The reward cannot exceed $1,000. Regardless, you’ll get paid to shop more and buy more at Costco.

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