Does Costco Do Passport Photos?

Does Costco do passport photos at its stores? Costco is a versatile retailer that offers a variety of services including photo printing. To get your passport, you’ll need a suitable photograph. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find companies that offer passport photo services.

Although Costco offers some photo services, it no longer takes passport photos. If you need a photo of your passport, you’ll have to visit another retailer. Within this guide, you’ll learn more about Costco’s photo services and retailers that offer passport photos.

Does Costco Do Passport Photos in 2023?

Does Costco Do Passport Photos

Previously, Costco offered passport photos. However, the company recently eliminated many of its photo services. Unfortunately, its passport photos were removed. The service was removed at Costco stores in February 2021. The company announced the decision while blaming reduced demand.

Suffice it to say, consumers will need to visit a different store to get a picture taken for their passports. Thankfully, there are several alternatives. For instance, consumers can have their passport photos taken at CVS, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and elsewhere.

Why did Costco decide to cancel this service? What type of photo do you need? Where can you get the photo taken? These questions will be explored in greater depth below.

Why The Costco Passport Photos Service Was Eliminated

As mentioned ago, Costco got rid of its passport photo services in February 2021. Since then, consumers have been forced to go elsewhere to get a photo of their passports. When Costco decided to eliminate this service, it claimed the demand for it had dropped significantly.

There is a good chance that this was caused by the growing popularity of smartphones and social media. At Costco stores, passport photos were taken in the photo section. Once this section was nixed, it also eliminated the passport photo services.

Furthermore, Costco stopped developing film and disposable cameras. The company has a website that offers some photo-related services. For instance, you can turn your photos into a banner, calendar, or canvas print by using the company’s Photo Center website. Regardless, passport photos are no longer taken at Costco.

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Does Costco Still Take Passport Photos?

Does Costco Still Take Passport Photos?

Does Costco take passport photos? If you need to get a photo of your passport, you’ve likely asked this question. Unfortunately, Costco no longer offers this service. The company stopped offering this service roughly a year ago.

Now, consumers have to rely on other retailers to get a photo of their passports. Thankfully, there are many other options.

Who Takes Passport Photos?

Do you need to get your passport photo taken? While you could try taking it on your smartphone, there is a chance that you’ll mess something up. The photo might not meet the requirements. If this is the case, it may delay getting your passport.

Prevent this from happening by letting a professional take your photo for you. Where can you get your passport photo taken? Thankfully, there are numerous options.


First, you should know that Walgreens offers passport photo services. The company offers passport photos for $14.99 at the time of this writing.

The service is available at roughly 7,750 stores. All photos are analyzed using biometric tools to guarantee that they’ll comply with all guidelines.

UPS Store

UPS offers numerous services. For instance, you can get a mailbox at your local UPS store. UPS Stores also offer passport and ID photos.

Visit a participating location to get your passport photo taken within minutes. The company offers this service at roughly 3,900 locations.


Walmart can help. Take a photo following all federal guidelines. Then, upload your passport photo to Walmart’s website.

From there, the photo can be delivered to your home. Alternatively, you can pick it up in your local store. The service costs $7.44.


CVS has been offering passport photo services for a long time. First, you must find a participating CVS store. You can use the company’s website to do that. Once you arrive, a worker at your local CVS will take your picture.

After that, you’ll receive two compliant photos. The company uses KODAK’s biometric ID photosystem to guarantee satisfactory results. Passport photos at CVS cost $16.99.


Finally, you should consider visiting your local FedEx store. FedEx Offices offer this service. Plus, FedEx can help ship your passport application overnight. Doing so means you’ll get your passport much sooner.

For $14.95, you’ll receive two 2” by 2” photos that are compliant with government requirements. FedEx is always happy to help.

Other retailers in your area may offer this service as well. Be sure to check local Rite Aid and Target stores too.

Photo Services Discontinued By Costco

Photo Services Discontinued By Costco

Unfortunately, Costco discontinued many of its photo services. At one time, the company offered various photo services including film development services. The company used to develop disposable cameras.

However, the demand for these services dropped significantly. As a result, the company decided it was best to eliminate the service. Now, you cannot get your film developed at Costco. Instead, you’ll have to visit a different retailer.

However, some photo services are still available at Costco. You can still get your photos printed by Costco, but you’ll have to do it online.

Taking Your Own Passport Photo

Can you still use Costco passport photos services? Unfortunately, you cannot. Instead, you need to visit a different retailer. However, you may be able to take your own picture. It is sometimes a good idea to do this. Just remember that you’ll need to be careful to ensure that your photo meets all government regulations.

If it doesn’t, it won’t be accessible for your passport. First, you must take a color photo. It should be taken within 6 months of submitting your passport application. Do not use any image filters because the agency won’t accept your photo if you do.

It is a good idea to let someone else take your photo. You might be able to snap a selfie, but that won’t work. You can also try using the timer on your camera. Still, it is easier to let someone take a picture for you. Remove your glasses and hat before taking the photo.

Finally, make sure the background is white or off-white. Checks the location website of the Department of State for examples of passport photos. The photo should be 2” by 2” when you’ve finished. Don’t smile. Instead, you should maintain a neutral expression.

Tips For Passport Photos

Since you can’t get your passport photo at Costco, you should try taking a picture on your own. For the best results, ask for assistance. Get someone to take the picture for you.

Stand against a white wall because colored backgrounds are not acceptable. You cannot wear a hat or have an object that obscures your face. Be sure that you have enough light and that your photo is not blurry.


Does Costco still take passport photos? As you learned above, the company no longer offers this service. If you want to get a photo for your passport, you’ll have to visit CVS, Rite Aid, UPS, or FedEx. These companies still offer passport photos.

Alternatively, you can try taking a picture with help from a friend. If your picture is not acceptable, your passport application will be denied. Make sure it is perfect to avoid having your application delayed.

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