Does CVS Do Passport Photos?

Does CVS do passport photos? Yes, CVS Photo offers passport-legal photos that are 2” x 2”. CVS passport pictures are also utilized for personal identification cards. The compact size makes them suitable for professional and non-professional badges and name tags.

Before your passport application is complete, it must contain a 2” x 2” (51mm x 51mm) photo. CVS Photo passport photo services are time-efficient to avoid potential delays in the processing of your passport application.

Does CVS Do Passport Photos in 2023?

Does CVS Do Passport Photos

Yes, all CVS Photo departments offer passport photo services. The process is time- and cost-efficient when you stop in at any CVS location. A CVS passport photo cannot be duplicated. If for some reason, your passport photo is lost or stolen, you will need to obtain a new one.

Fortunately, the process is fairly straightforward and quick. So, getting a replacement is guaranteed to be a breeze.

What Type Of Technology Does CVS Use To Make Passport Photos?

Passport photos are not like traditional photos created by digital cameras, cellphones, desktop computers, and laptops. Instead, they are compliant with the federal government.

CVS utilizes the state-of-the-art KODAK Biometric ID Photo System to make photos for government passports. The high-tech system validates each photo to ensure it meets all government regulations. It is a fact, government officials are always updating their laws, regulations, and processes.

To avoid the need to repeat the process, the KODAK Biometric ID Photo System is patented to stay up to date, with the latest government requirements.

How Many Passport Photo Prints Does CVS Photo Provide?

Each customer receives two passport photos with each order. One of the photos should be attached to the passport application before it is submitted to the federal government. The second print is utilized for your photo ID.

Do All CVS Pharmacies Offer Passport Photos?

Do All CVS Pharmacies Offer Passport Photos?

No, only select locations offer the passport photo service. To determine if your local CVS store offers this service, you can visit the official website. Click on the Menu and scroll down and click the Store Locator feature.

The Store Locator feature offers several search options – state, landmark, zip code, and city. If you know the zip code in your area, you can input it into the search bar. You can also utilize the city and/or state you are located in.

Input the correction information into the search bar and press enter. A list of CVS locations will pop up on the TomTom Map. A list of locations will appear to the left of the map.

Scroll down to determine which CVS location is nearest you. Click on the Get Store Details feature to learn more. Scroll down to see if the location has an onsite CVS Photo department.

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Does CVS Passport Photos Qualify For A Full Refund?

Yes, with exceptions. CVS does offer full refunds on passport photos that fail to meet the latest government requirements. To ensure this does not happen, CVS utilizes the KODAK Biometric ID Photo System.

This patented system checks for the latest government regulations before processing your passport photo.

Does CVS Accept US Passport Applications?

Does CVS do passport photos and US passport applications? CVS’s passport services are limited to two photo prints. The pharmacy chain does not accept or process US passport applications.

All passport applications, along with the CVS KODAK Biometric ID Photo print must be mailed to the State Department in Washington D.C.

If your photo ID is deemed invalid, you can visit a CVS location to request a refund. It is important to keep your receipt until your US passport is processed.

 Who Takes Passport Photos As CVS Pharmacy?

A CVS associate will take your photo in front of a white screen. The image will include a full view of your face, neck, and shoulders. Your face will cover nearly half of the photo. Only the top part of your shoulders is visible.

Does The US State Department Accept Passport Photos Of Someone Wearing A Turban?

Does The US State Department Accept Passport Photos Of Someone Wearing A Turban?

Yes, a turban is classified as an acceptable headdress for passport photos. There is no need to remove your turban before your passport photo is taken. If a CVS associate says otherwise, you should immediately speak to a manager.

Shia Muslims, Sikhs, and Hindu monks are permitted to wear their religious headpieces, including the turban for passport photos.

Does CVS Photo Provide Instant Passport Photo Prints?

Yes, CVS’s state-of-the-art KOKAK Biometric System provides almost instant passport photo prints. Your passport prints will be ready in less than 15 in most cases.

How Much Are CVS Passport Photos?

CVS passport photo service is available at selective locations for $16.99 for two prints. The price may vary at different locations.

You can contact your local CVS store via landline, social media, or email to inquire about the cost of passport photos. You can also obtain this information in person at any CVS location.

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Does CVS Photo Offer Additional Prints For Passport Photos?

Yes, all CVS locations that offer passport photo services allow their customers to purchase additional prints. Two additional prints cost $2.99. The additional expense will be added to the total price of the service at the time of checkout.

What Documents Are Required To Get Passport Photos At CVS?

CVS offers passport photos without identification verification. You can stop in at any eligible location to have your photo taken.

There is no need to bring any government documents, such as a driver’s license, Social Security card, or birth certificate. A CVS associate will take your photo as soon as possible.

What Are The Passport Photo Size Requirements At CVS?

What Are The Passport Photo Size Requirements At CVS?

Regardless of the operator, all passport photos must be 2 inches in width by 2 inches in length (51mm x 51mm).

The CVS associate is required to adjust the location of your head, so it is 1 inch (no more than 1-3/8 inches) from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head. The associate will make the necessary adjustments to ensure the measurements are correct.

Passport photos that are improperly measured will be denied.

What Type of Backdrop Does CVS Passport Photos Have?

CVS utilizes a white or off-white backdrop for all passport photos. You will be asked to stand in front of a mounted backdrop to have your photo taken.

Does CVS Ask Customers To Remove Eyeglasses For Passport Photos?

Yes, the CVS associate will request your remove your prescription and non-prescription eyes or sunglasses before your passport photo is taken. This is not a CVS regulation, but a federal government requirement.

Does CVS Ask Customers To Remove N-95 Masks For Passport Photos?

Yes, no one will be permitted to have their passport photo taken while wearing an N-95 or other medical mask. If you are concerned about this restriction, you should speak with a CVS associate in advance. CVS utilizes the 6-feet rule to protect its customers from spreading the COVID-19 virus.

If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, you will be asked to delay having your passport photo taken. The US Centers for Disease Control “CDC” recommend a 5-day isolation period. You must wait at least five days before you can get your passport photo taken at any CVS location.

Customers are asked to stay six feet apart while standing in line.

Does CVS Offer Visa Photo Services?

Yes, CVS does offer Visa photo services, but only at specific locations. The process includes two photo prints that measure 2” L x 2” W. You will receive two prints with each purchase. Additional prints are also available at the time of purchase. Please let the associate know in advance if you are interested in buying additional prints.


CVS Photo has one of the most convenient passport photo services in the United States. The company utilizes the latest technology to ensure all federal government regulations are met at the time of the service. Being prepared in advance will ensure everything goes smoothly.

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