Home Depot Dress Code 2023 – What Workers Must Know

Are you curious to learn more about the Home Depot dress code? If you’re going to get a job at Home Depot, you need to find out what you can and cannot wear. The company has a dress code so you need to dress appropriately.

Otherwise, you will be sent home or required to change clothes. It is pertinent to follow the company’s dress code strictly. Thankfully, the company’s dress code is simple and easy to follow. However, you might have to buy a new shirt or a pair of jeans.

Below, you’ll find out about the company’s dress code.

What Is The Home Depot Dress Code?

Home Depot Dress Code

What can you wear when working at Home Depot? Ultimately, you need to wear the company’s apron. When you get a job at Home Depot, you’ll receive an orange apron. You’ll have to wear it whenever you’re on the clock.

Furthermore, you need to make sure that you’re wearing a collared shirt. In terms of bottoms, you can wear shorts, jeans, or slacks. Shorts should be no shorter than four inches above your knees. The company is lenient with its dress code.

For instance, you can have tattoos, piercings, and even dyed hair. Even when you’re working at Home Depot, you can express yourself using your appearance. Just remember that your appearance shouldn’t be offensive. It cannot pose any safety risks either. What else do you need to know about Home Depot’s dress code? Continue reading to find out.

What Is The Best Home Depot Gear For Workers?

Once you’ve obtained a job at your local Home Depot, you need to make sure that you’re dressing appropriately. Otherwise, you’ll run into potential problems. What are the best clothes to wear to work at Home Depot? Ultimately, you’re not going to receive a uniform.

While you will receive an orange apron, you will have to wear your own shirts, shoes, socks, and pants. When choosing, be sure to avoid any clothes that have holes or tears. You need to dress modestly. Jeans and slacks are suitable. In addition to this, you can wear shorts. Just make sure that they’re around your knees.

As for picking a top, you should choose a shirt with a collar. It is wise to pick shoes that have a non-slip bottom. Doing so will decrease the likelihood that you’re going to slip. Some positions require workers to wear steel-toed boots.

If you’re going to be working outside in the parking lot, you might have more freedom to choose what you want. Typically, you shouldn’t wear any clothes that display a logo or slogan. The brand should be hidden. When you wear your apron, you can guarantee that customers will have no trouble finding you.

They’ll know that you work at Home Depot so they can get assistance much quicker.

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Is There A Home Depot Uniform?

Some employers require workers to wear a specific uniform to work every day. What about Home Depot? You will be required to wear a uniform while working at Home Depot? Thankfully, the company does not have a uniform. However, there is one item that you will have to wear.

Workers at Home Depot are required to wear an orange apron. It must be worn by all workers. However, you should remember that the wardrobe depends on the worker and their duty. For instance, Merchandise Execution Team members may not have to wear aprons.

Instead, they’ll wear a black or orange shirt that features the Home Depot logo. If you’re not sure what you should wear, try talking to your supervisor. They can help you avoid potential problems.

Are Tattoos Okay?

Besides wearing the right Home Depot clothes, you must find out whether you’ll need to hide your tattoos. Some companies do not like their companies having tattoos. You’ll have to hide your tattoos when working at some places.

What about Home Depot? In general, you can have tattoos as a Home Depot employee. However, there are some exceptions. If your tattoos are considered offensive or upsetting, you’ll have to hide them.

If you’re not sure what you should do, speak to your supervisor. They’ll look at your tattoo and give you advice for avoiding potential complications. Depending on their opinion, you might have to hide your tattoos.

Can You Have a Piercing While Working At Home Depot?

Some people have piercings. Typically, conventional piercings are fine. For instance, your supervisor isn’t going to say anything about your earrings. However, unconventional earrings might be different. Some employers do not like workers wearing unconventional earrings or nose rings.

They’ll also the worker to remove it while they’re working. Is this something you’ll have to worry about at Home Depot? Thankfully, Home Depot is not strict in this area. You can likely continue wearing your nose or eyebrow ring.

If the piercing creates a safety issue, you may have to remove it. Otherwise, you should be able to wear it without issue. Still, it is a good idea to talk to your supervisor because each store is different.

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Can a Hat Be Worn With Other Home Depot Gear?

The Home Depot dress code is not strict. As a result, you can wear many items. However, you have to be careful about wearing head coverings. If you’re wearing a religious-related head covering, you should be able to wear it without issue. Employers can’t violate your rights by forcing you to take off religious apparel.

Furthermore, you can wear hats at Home Depot. Just remember that it has to be a Home Depot hat. It should have the Home Depot logo and brand.

People working outside in the lot should be able to wear other hats too. Again, you must remember that each store is unique. Therefore, it is wise to discuss this with your supervisor.

What Can’t Home Depot Workers Wear?

Although Home Depot is lenient, there are certain items that you cannot wear. For starters, you are not allowed to wear clothes that have rips or tears. The clothes should be in pristine condition. In addition to this, it is recommended that you avoid wearing clothes with other brands.

You shouldn’t wear a shirt with a large Nike logo on it. Home Depot only wants workers to wear items featuring the Home Depot logo. Also, make sure that your clothes are clean. Home Depot does not allow workers to wear clothes that have religious or political statements.

It doesn’t think it is appropriate for workers to express their political or religious beliefs at work. It is pertinent to follow the company’s dress code closely. If you fail to do so, you will be reprimanded.

In some cases, workers can be fired for failing to comply with the company’s dress code. You’ll get into trouble if you wear a short with a beer brand or marijuana leaf on it.

Will Home Depot Workers Have To Wear Aprons?

When you visit a Home Depot store, you’ll notice that most of the workers are wearing orange aprons. Will you have to wear an orange apron if you get a job at Home Depot? In all likelihood, the answer is yes.

Typically, most Home Depot workers will be required to wear an orange apron. Just remember that it depends on the worker’s position. Cashiers, stockers, and others have to wear Home Depot aprons.

However, some workers don’t have to wear it. Remember that you cannot take your apron out of the store. It should stay in your locker when you go home at night.

You can only wear it out of the store if you’re still working. Regardless, most workers at Home Depot will have to wear an orange apron. The good news is that you can decorate your apron. You can add a drawing to it and use it to show off your Homer Awards.


Home Depot’s dress code is easy to remember. Wear a colored shirt and a pair of slacks or pants. When it gets hot outside, switch to shorts. Do not wear any branded clothes or clothes with rips and tears.


What Can Home Depot Employees Wear?

Home Depot workers can wear collared shirts, slacks, shorts, and pants.

Can Home Depot Workers Wear Shorts?

Home Depot allows its workers to wear shorts, but they must reach their knees.

Does Home Depot Allow Ripped Jeans?

You cannot wear ripped jeans while working at Home Depot.

What Is Home Depot Attendance Policy?

Home Depot’s attendance policy allows workers to call out without adding hours into their bank 3 times. It can happen three times before the company will intervene.