Does Olive Garden Drug Test?

Oliver Garden, a subsidiary of Darden Restaurants, Inc is one of the most famous casual dining restaurants in America and the world. It was founded in Orlando, Florida in 1982 and now has over 900 locations in several countries such as the U.S., Canada, Brazil, The United Arab Emirates, Mexico, and more.

Working at Olive Garden is a good entry-level position if you’re looking to make some money as a waiter, cashier, cook, or even as a manager in a higher-up position. You’ll find many students and fresh graduates making to make some money working there. That begs the question though, what about their drug testing policy?

Why Do Companies Drug Test?

A drug test is a staple of many companies and businesses, and it’s rare to find a company that does not conduct any drug test for its employees. The drug test is conducted to make sure that all employees are working properly and to avoid any complications arising at the workplace.

Workplace accidents are usually caused to conduct a drug test, as any harm would hold the employer and employee liable. However, if the employee is drug tested, then it’s on them. There are three main kinds of drug tests:

  • Pre-Employment Drug Test: The mandatory pre-employment drug test has to be done before the applicant is even hired. It’s usually written in the contract and once the candidate agrees, he or she is tested. If the results come back positive, meaning substances were found, the applicant is not hired.
  • Random Drug Test: A random drug test is exactly what its name implies: random. It’s also usually written in the contract and almost all companies will reserve the right to conduct a random drug test, even if they never actually do it. Reasons for the random drug test include suspicious behavior, negligence, or suspicious attitude.
  • Workplace Accident Drug Test: Usually, in case of a workplace accident, a drug test will be conducted to make sure that the accident was not drug-related. If it was, then the employee is usually fired. The drug test is meant to prevent workplace accidents, which can lead to severe harm to employees or customers.

What Is The Drug Test Like?

There are several ways to test a person for drugs, such as taking a urine sample, hair sample, or saliva sample. Usually, the hair sample is taken and sent to a lab for testing. The results come back after a few days.

The drug test tests for substances such as cocaine, amphetamines, marijuana, benzodiazepines, PCP, heroin, and others. The 5-panel drug test tests for only 5 substances, but there are more thorough tests for 7 or up to 10 substances.

Does Olive Garden Drug Test?

Does Olive Garden Drug Test?

As far as pre-employment is concerned, Olive Garden does not seem to conduct any pre-employment drug tests for their applicants, although they will provide you with a copy of their drug testing policy.

However, this is mainly for the positions such as server, cook, or cashier. It seems they do conduct a drug test for their manager positions within 48 hours of the job offer.

Does Olive Garden Do Random Drug Tests?

While Olive Garden doesn’t do pre-employment drug tests, they may do a random drug test since it’s in the contract.

With that being said, many employees state that the company doesn’t do any kind of drug test, except for their managers. There is one case claiming drug testing in one Olive Garden location in Ohio, but it’s not confirmed.

Regardless, Olive Garden will most likely drug test you in case of an accident. If someone gets hurt, they have to drug test so only the employee is liable for their actions.

When they do conduct a drug test, whether for their managers or following an accident, it seems they use the normal 5-panel urine test.

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Does Medication Lead To A Positive Drug Test?

Certain kinds of prescription medication will show up on a drug test and could lead to a false-positive result.

However, disclosing your prescription medication with your employer before the test will make you avoid any of these issues. You can give them your entire medical situation, prescription, and even your doctor.

Does Olive Garden Do Background Checks?

Companies do background checks to make sure their employees don’t have any criminal past or felonies. Background checks usually go back 7 years. It’s rare to find a company that does not conduct a background check, but Olive Garden is one of them.

They might check your past employers, reference, and education, but they will hire someone with a criminal past or felonies. Several workers were hired despite being felons. That being said, similar to the drug test, they will do a background check for the manager position.

How To Apply For Olive Garden Jobs?

Applying for a position at Olive Garden is easy as… breadsticks? First of all, you need to be at least 16 to be a server or for working tables, but the kitchen jobs will only take adults.

You can apply online for any of their positions at the Olive Garden website here. You can either fill out the application online or download the form and fill it out to apply. Once you apply, you can expect them to contact you in either a couple of days for the entry positions or even up to a month for the manager positions.

Once you do get the call, you can expect more than one interview. While managers will have to go through a phone interview, the entry-level employees will do a couple of face-to-face interviews.

The interviews are simple and mostly straightforward, as entry-level positions are always open to potential candidates.

They will show you around the restaurant location and ask simple candidacy questions and questions about your ability to market and how they can “sell the dish”. Overall, the interviews are short and simple, never taking more than an hour except for the manager positions.

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What Is Working At Olive Garden Like?

If you’re sold on applying for a job there, you should know a little bit about the environment there. Overall, it seems to be a good pleasant experience for workers.

It seems the staff is supportive and everyone is having fun. You are even given a service partner to help you out on your shift.

Management is communicative and they will rely on you and your skills, which can be sudden sometimes for new workers if it’s a hard task, but it’s nothing major. Employees will also get discounts on food such as $1 unlimited soup or salad.

The unlimited soups and salads are ironically the hardest part about working there, as these, alongside the unlimited breadsticks, are the restaurant’s most famous dishes, and they are ordered A LOT.

Another downside is working with rude or unpleasant customers, especially ones that don’t tip. Of course, this requires patience and special kinds of communication skills.

It’s not on Oliver Garden though, every restaurant has those customers. How long is the shift at Olive Garden? Usually from 4-5 hours, and the hours are flexible.

As far as money is concerned, it’s a good-paying position with tips on the better side, as so many people go and eat there. Just make sure you’re giving your nicest attitude.

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All in all, Olive Garden seems to be quite a pleasant place to work in. The hours are good and flexible, and the environment there is praised by many. You can expect good pay and friendly co-workers.

The company does not seem to do any kind of pre-employment drug test, which may be a downside for some who don’t appreciate the risk. However, drug tests are conducted for managers in case of an accident.

As far as background checks, while some claim they really do them, the majority claimed against the background checks aside from the manager position background checks.

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