Does Walmart Make Keys?

Does Walmart make keys? Yes, one of the largest brick-and-mortar retail store chains in the United States does make keys. As one of the largest retailers in America, Walmart reportedly has around 10,500 locations, approximately 4,750 are located in the United States.

Walmart offers a broad range of onsite services, such as prescription glasses, banking, automotive maintenance, prescription medicine, camera film development, money transfer services, and key cutting.

To many consumers, Walmart is the go-to place for groceries, attire, footwear, personal care products, toys, sporting goods, and electronics.

Does Walmart Make Keys in 2023?

Does Walmart Make Keys

Yes, Walmart’s key-cutting service is cost- and time-efficient. There are several reasons why someone would need or want to replicate their car and house keys. Some people just like to have an extra key on hand in case of a mishap.

Nearly everyone has misplaced their keys at least once in their lifetime. In fact, most people will admit to misplacing their key at least four times. Most of these key mishaps occur right in your own home, which is where a key holder comes into play. Creating a routine will help, but mishaps can still happen.

Make keys at Walmart in less than 15 minutes, with the help of a sales associate.

Upgrade Your House And Car Keys

When most people think of a key, the traditional brass/nickel design comes to mind. There are endless products that utilize keys for security purposes. Doorknobs, jewelry boxes, diaries, toolboxes, gun safes, post office boxes, car ignitions, bike locks, handcuffs, treadmills, and security gates.

While some keys cannot be duplicated, most of them can. Car and house keys are duplicable. Walmart’s key cutting services offer a decent selection of key designs.

When it is time to duplicate a car or house key, an upgrade should be considered. Most key manufacturers utilize traditional designs, which can be a bit boring for people who hold a sense of fashion.

Upgrade from the brass/nickel design to a more eye-appealing design. Walmart’s key selection includes designs like bouquets of flowers, musical notes, charming houses, Marvel Comics Spiderman, hearts, palm trees, flowers, artist pallets, skulls, ice cream cones, monkeys, and foxes.

Walmart also offers a selection of decorative key designs, which cover both the front and back. The decorative key selection includes Hello Kitty Rain, American Eagle, pink camouflage, rainbow colors, animal print, solid colors, American flag, polka-dots, plaid, lightning, and playing card suits.

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How To Get Key Copied At Walmart?

How To Get Key Copied At Walmart?

Are you curious to learn how to get your key copied at your local Walmart? The good news is that the process is quick and convenient.

It won’t take long. Plus, you won’t have to jump through a lot of hoops. First, you must grab your key and head to Walmart. When you arrive, you should ask a worker where to go.

Usually, keys are created in the automotive section. However, this depends on the specific store you’re visiting.

Once you reach the appropriate section, talk to the representative and tell them what you want to do. The Walmart key cutting hours are great so you can get a key copied whenever Walmart is open.

If a worker isn’t behind the counter, you’ll have to page them. They’ll instruct you to pick out a key. You can choose the design that you like. Just remember that a fancier design will be more expensive. The Walmart worker will take your key and the blank key.

They’ll place both in the key duplicator and turn on the machine. Within minutes, you’ll receive your new and older key. You’ll usually be asked to pay for the key before you leave this section.

Which Keys Can Walmart Copy?

Walmart offers versatile key cutting services. Whether you’re trying to copy a house key, office key, or safe key, there is a good chance that Walmart will be able to help. Just remember that every key is different. Some are easier to copy.

If you’re using the self-service Walmart key machine, there are certain limitations. In general, these machines can only copy Schlage SC1, Kwikset KW1, Kwikset KW10, and Weiser WR3 keys. Some machines will also be able to copy WR5 keys.

These machines will also be able to handle Titan and Baldwin keys. Some kiosk machines can copy Master Lock padlock keys too. Find out what type of key you have so you can find a machine that will copy it for you.

Alternatively, you can take the key to a Walmart representative. They can point you in the right direction. If they can’t deal with it for you, a professional locksmith likely can.

Walmart Duplicate Car Key, With Pen Light

Walmart Duplicate Car Key, With Pen Light

How many times have you been caught in the dark trying to unlock your door? Low-light conditions create issues when trying to unlock an entrance door to a house, apartment, or car.

Imagine, you are alone in a dark parking lot trying to locate the car lock keyhole. What would you do for a penlight right now? The next time you need to get a duplicate key for your car, you may want to upgrade to a design, with a red light. This design is like getting two products for one.

Firstly, you are getting a duplicate car key. Secondly, you are getting a built-in LED red light that is bright enough to help you locate the keyhole in your car lock.

The key light design is also available for home entry locks as well.

How Long Does It Take To Copy A Key At Walmart?

You’ll agree that Walmart is an efficient company. It has strived to provide its customers with affordable products.

One way it does this is by being efficient. With that being said, you’ll find that Walmart’s key copying services are quick, convenient, and efficient.

You can guarantee that you’ll be in and out of your local Walmart in a few minutes. However, the specific time will depend on how long the line is. There is always a chance that more people are going to be waiting for their keys.

If people are waiting in front of you, it is going to take a bit longer. Plus, it depends on the worker. Someone who has used the machine a lot will be able to copy your key quicker than someone with little experience. Still, it shouldn’t take more than 5 or 10 minutes to get your key copied.

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How Does Walmart Make Keys?

How Does Walmart Make Keys?

You’re likely wondering how Walmart makes keys. The process is simple since the machine handles most of it. However, the worker needs to know what they’re doing.

Otherwise, they may create a faulty key that doesn’t work for your lock. To copy your key, the Walmart worker is going to use a machine called a key duplicator.

First, the original key will be taken and placed in a vice on one end of the machine. It will be lined up with the cutting blade.

As for the blank key, it will be placed in the vice on the other machine of the tool. The blank key will be aligned and cut to match your original key. Again, the machine handles most of it.

However, the worker has to pick the right blank key. Plus, they need to know how to use the machine. Regardless, the Walmart key machine will provide an identical replica of your key.

How Much Is The Walmart Key Copy Service?

Before going any further, you should take the time to learn more about the cost of copying a key. While locksmiths offer key copying services, they are sometimes more expensive than other companies. Most people are eager to save money and get it taken care of as quickly as possible.

If you fit into this group, you’ll want to get your key copied at Walmart. The company is known for providing low-cost products and services. The company’s key cutting services are inexpensive too.

When getting a key copied at Walmart, the price will depend on several factors. First, you need to pick the type of key you want.

You can choose one with a fancy design or the logo for your favorite sports team. If you pick a basic key, it’ll be cheaper.

You can expect to pay roughly $2 for a simple key without an intricate logo or design. If you want to upgrade to a nicer key, you’ll have to pay more. It can cost up to $6. Either way, you’re not going to break the bank getting your key copied at Walmart.

How Reliable Are Made Keys At Walmart?

How Reliable Are Made Keys At Walmart?

Remember that making a key is a precise process. It isn’t as easy as you might believe. While the machine will primarily handle it, the process can be trickier. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure that your copied key works.

Otherwise, you might leave the store with a faulty house key. The good news is that Walmart offers reliable key services. The company has a simplified process that makes it quick and easy for Walmart workers to copy the keys for its customers.

Walmart offers this service regularly. Therefore, you can guarantee that Walmart will get it right. If you’re not satisfied with the key, you should take it back. There is a good chance that Walmart will create another copy for you.

If you want to guarantee satisfactory results, you should visit a professional locksmith. Most of them offer key copying services too.

Walmart Key Cutting Hours

Are you eager to get your key copied so you can give a copy to your friend or spouse? Ultimately, you should try visiting your local Walmart. The company can copy the keys for you. Just remember that you’ll need to learn more about Walmart’s key cutting hours.

When can you get your keys copied at Walmart? Thankfully, the company offers this service when the store is open. Typically, most Walmart stores are open from 7 AM to 11 PM, but some are open around the clock.

If your Walmart store is open, you will likely be able to get your key copied. Visit the store to speak to a worker. They’ll point you in the right direction.

Where Can You Get House & Office Keys Copied?

Are you ready to get your house or office key copied? If so, you’ll need to find a company that offers such services. In many cases, local locksmiths will handle it for you. You likely have a few locksmiths in your area and many of them will copy keys.

Alternatively, you can try visiting a major retailer like Walmart. Just remember that Walmart isn’t the only company to offer this service. You can also visit privately-owned hardware stores in your area.

Other companies that offer key copying services include Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, Home Depot, and True Value. When visiting certain stores, you will find self-service kiosks that can copy your key too.

Certain grocery stores may create keys too. Kroger, Fred Meyer, Meijer, and Safeway offer key copying services. Finally, some RiteAid stores might offer these services.

The company regularly has KeyMe kiosks in its stores. 7-11, Bed Bath and Beyond, and numerous automotive stores can copy your keys for you.


If you need a spare house or office key, you should look no further than Walmart. The company is one of the most versatile retailers in the nation. You can visit Walmart to buy groceries, electronics, clothes, and more.

Plus, the company offers film development and key copying service. The price is inexpensive. Take your key to Walmart to get it copied before you leave.

FAQs (Frequent Asked Questions)

How Much Does It Cost?

How Much Does It Cost To Make Keys At Walmart?

Getting a copy of your key at Walmart will prove to be quick, convenient, and affordable. Just remember that the price depends on the type and size of key you have. Typically, you can expect to pay between $2 and $6 for each key that you need to be copied.

What Kind Of Keys Does Walmart Make?

Walmart can make all types of keys. For instance, you can get your office or house key copied at Walmart. Vehicle keys are slightly different because they may contain chips. They can make car keys without chips.

Can You Get A Spare Car Key Made At Walmart?

You might be able to get a spare car key made at Walmart. It depends on the type of car key you have right now. If the key doesn’t contain a chip, Walmart can create a copy of it. However, it is harder for companies to create spaces for keys that have chips.

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