David Yurman Return Policy

At David Yurman, they have introduced a return Policy that has a customer-friendly approach to returns, exchanges, and refunds. This policy encompasses a vast number of customers; the David Yurman Return Policy solves return problems by being customer-friendly.

David Yurman is an American jewelry company established in 1980 in New York, U.S. They offer a wide range of jewelry collections and are recognized worldwide for clean lines and innovative use of precious materials.

It is important to understand the David Yurman return policy before making a purchase. On this page, you learn more about their Exchange Policy.

What Is The David Yurman Return Policy?

What Is The David Yurman Return Policy?

If you are unsatisfied with your DavidYurman.com purchases, David Yurman is happy to refund you in full or exchange another item. All return requests must be made within 45 days from the date of purchase.

However, you should understand that David Yurman outlet purchases cannot be returned; all purchases are final.

Refunds shall be given using the original payment method used by the purchaser. In case of cash payments, you will receive a refund by company cheque. The receiver of the gift will be entitled to merchandise credit only.

You must ensure that the items aren’t changed in any way, should not be worn, and should be in saleable condition as you received them. The original receipt of the purchase must be returned as well in order to get a refund for your purchase.

If you have already used the item, you might still qualify for an exchange or refund, provided that there is no defect on the purchased products.

How To Return Products To David Yurman.Com?

You first want to visit their return portal and print the return shipping label; this is for domestic U.S., Hawaii, and Alaska regions. Once you get the shipping information, you can return the package you have ordered.

It will take two or three weeks for them to process your return. If you have access to any of their store outlets, you can proceed with the exchange or return process from the store.

In order to get shipping documentation for Puerto Rico province, you need to contact their customer care service by email, or you can reach them at this phone number 1-888-DYURMAN(1-888-398-7626) so that you can get the shipping documentation.

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How To Return Products To David Yurman Stores

How To Return Products To David Yurman Stores

David Yurman also offers its customers the opportunity to return or exchange any product purchase for a total price from one of its stores.

If you have any issues with your purchase, you can always return it or exchange it as long as it is within the time limit set by that store. U.S. domestic and Hawaii provinces are qualified for return through their stores.

How To Return Products Through Their Outlets

Exchanges are only possible if the product has not been used or damaged and it is in its original saleable condition.

They will not take responsibility for items that have been worn or are damaged in any form; just make sure to bring the package intact as you have received them.

You must come with the receipt and initiate the exchange process through the outlet where you made the purchase.

David Yurman Return Policy If You Don’t Have The Receipt

No return will be accepted if a receipt isn’t available; only with a receipt can they verify that a purchase was made from their outlet and that there is some information on the receipt they need to process your refund.

Before sending any return, you must provide the receipt for the order, which will serve as proof of purchase from David Yurman stores.

David Yurman Return Policy On Instagram And Facebook

If you bought a package from an Instagram or Facebook app, you should request a return from such apps. You cannot send a request through their site or through David Yurman stores.

Any channel used to purchase an item should be used to request a return or exchange. That’s what has been stated on their return policy.

Is It Possible To Return Gift Cards To Davidyurman.Com?

Gift cards are not eligible for return on their website; this means that gift card sales are final. You have to make sure that you finalize the purchase before placing an order.

How To Return David Yurman Items Bought Through Affirm

The refund will be processed and credited to the affirm account if a purchase is made through affirm. Affirm will not charge you if the return is initiated within 30 days of making the purchase.

Applicable fees and taxes will also be funded if the request is made within the specified period. David Yurman also has a standard method for return with Affirm, which must be followed if you want to be refunded.

How To Return David Yurman Items Through Giftnow

If you want to return David Yurman products received using GiftNow, an online merchandise credit will be given to you. Such products are also eligible for exchange.

If you want to process the return online, you need to visit the returns page. Then, print the return shipping label for the products and the fits bought on DavidYurman.com.

It will take at least two to three weeks for them to process the return after shipping. These items can also be returned to the David Yurman store. You can exchange it for a product that has equal value.


The David Yurman exchange policy is one of the most customer-friendly return policies in the business. The company offers shoppers a full refund policy on unused, undamaged merchandise and has a generous 30-day exchange policy.

The company’s goal is to bring as much joy into people’s lives as possible through its products. In order to maintain this level of excellence, David Yurman has established a fair return policy that will allow you to shop with confidence.

Comfort is important, and that’s why David Yurman has a generous return policy. They have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so you can shop with confidence, knowing that if it’s not a good option, you can always send it back to exchange with another item or even get a refund.

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