Does Target Do Cash Back?

In this article, as well as answering “does Target do cash back” we’ll tell you what Target’s cashback limits are, whether there’s a fee for using the service, and which payment methods you can use.

When you need some cash, using a retail store’s cashback service is often more convenient than making a trip to your bank or finding an ATM.

As well as saving you time, getting cash back at the register also avoids those annoying ATM fees if the store’s ATM isn’t part of your bank’s network.

Knowing which stores offer cash back and what their cashback policies help you decide which store you should get your cash back from so you don’t end up frustrated when you get to the checkout.

Does Target Do Cash Back in 2023?

Does Target Do Cash Back

Yes, it does!

At most Target stores, you can get up to $40 cash back when you pay for your purchases using your debit card. Target doesn’t set a minimum purchase amount and they don’t charge any fees for their cash back service.

While Target doesn’t set a minimum amount for your purchase when you get cashback, you do have to make a purchase. You can’t just go to the checkout and use it as an ATM.

If you only want cash-back and don’t need to buy anything, the cheapest thing you could buy is probably a 10-cent grocery bag.

How To Get Cash Back At Target

Target offers two ways you can get your cashback when you shop. They offer cash back at their regular staffed checkout and at their self-service checkout.

When you make a purchase, the cash back amount is added on top of the total bill.

If your purchases come to $70 and you request $40 cash back, the final amount you pay will be $110.

Before you check out, make sure that you’ve got enough funds in your checking account to cover the full transaction amount so you avoid overdraft fees.

This amount will show as a single transaction on your bank statement.

How To Get Cash Back At Target Checkout

  1. At the staffed checkout, tell the Target associate that you want cash back and state how much you want, up to the $40 limit.
  2. The cash back amount will be added to your bill.
  3. Pay your bill as normal with your debit card, Apple Pay or other mobile apps, or Target Wallet.

How To Get Cash Back At Target Self Service Checkout

How To Get Cash Back At Target Self Service Checkout

  1. At the self-service checkout, scan all of your purchases, then select your payment method from the choices on the main screen.
  2. On the card reader screen, select the cashback option, then choose $10, $20, $30, or $40 as the cash back amount you would like, and then enter your pin code.
  3. Go back to the main checkout screen and tap on “dispense cash”.
  4. Your cash will be dispensed from a slot lower down at the front of the machine. Count the bills to make sure the machine gave you the correct amount.
  5. Remember to take your receipt and keep it to check that the correct amount was debited from your bank balance.
  6. Don’t forget to take your cash. It’s easy to forget it especially if you’re flustered with the unfamiliar process the first time you use the service.
  7. Pay attention to the people around you. It’s all too easy for an opportunistic thief to swipe your cash and run for the door.

While it may seem unlikely, people do forget to pick up their cash back at self-service checkouts.

When you use a regular checkout, the cashier will hand your cash to you, so you can’t forget to take it. But when you get cash back from Target’s self-service checkout, you need to take the money from the slot, just like you would at an ATM.

If you run into any problems getting your cash back at a Target self-service checkout, ask an associate for help.

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How Can You Get Cash Back With Target Wallet?

Target wallet is part of the Target smartphone app that holds all of your member offers, gift cards, and weekly coupons in one convenient place.

You can use Target Wallet to pay for your purchases if you have a Target Red Debit Card attached to your wallet.

Target has 3 different Red cards you can choose from.

These are the Target Red Debit card, Target Red Credit Card, and Target Mastercard.

All 3 options give you Red Card benefits including special offers, a 30-day return window, free shipping from, and 5% off in-store purchases. But cashback is only available with the Target Red Debit Card.

To get cash back with your Target Wallet, select your Red Debit Card in the app, swipe on “cash withdrawal” and enter the cash back amount. Then scan your app barcode to pay.

Does Target Offers Cash Back On Personal Checks?

Yes, you may be able to get cashback when you use a personal check. Although you’ll need to ask at the store to be certain.

If your Target store does cash back on personal checks, the amount may be limited to $20.

You’ll need an ID card and your transaction will need to pass a 3rd party verification check.

Does Target Do Cash Back On Credit Cards?

To get cash back at Target, you need to use your checking account debit card or the Target Red Debit Card. The only credit card you can use for cashback is the Discover card. And that’s because Discover doesn’t charge a separate cash advance fee or higher interest rate on cash advances.

Why Can’t You Get Cash Back On Other Credit Cards?

While it might seem bizarre that stores will give you cash back when you use a debit card but they’ll refuse to do the same when you pay with your credit card, there’s actually a very simple and logical reason that explains the difference.

When you pay with a debit card, the amount of your purchase is debited straight from your bank account. When you add cash back to your transaction, the total amount of your purchase increases, but nothing else changes.

It’s still one straightforward deduction from the available balance in your checking account.

When you pay with a credit card, your purchase amount is added to your credit balance. Purchases have an interest-free period and as long as you clear your balance by the due date each month, there’s no interest to pay.

But cash advances attract interest from day one, there’s no interest-free grace period and cash advances also attract a higher interest rate than normal purchases. Then there’s the cash advance fee to add on top.

So instead of one simple transaction which uses the money you have in your checking account, a credit card would have to charge one rate for your store purchase, plus a cash advance fee, then charge a separate rate for the cash back.

Are There Any Other Ways To Get Cash Back At Target?

Are There Any Other Ways To Get Cash Back At Target?

If cash back at the checkout isn’t going to work for you because you’re short on time and the checkout lines are too long. Or because you need to use your credit card to access some cash, then you can use the ATM at your local Target to make a regular cash withdrawal.

Target doesn’t charge any fees for ATM use, but if the ATM isn’t part of your banking network, then you’ll pay a fee to make the transaction.

If you’re withdrawing cash using your credit card, your credit card provider will charge you a cash advance fee and you’ll pay interest from day one.

Obviously, the $40 limit doesn’t apply at the ATM.

Is There A Cash Back Fee At Target?

Target doesn’t charge any fees when you get cash back at the checkout. The only possible fee that you might incur is a fee from your bank.

Some banks have daily cash withdrawal limits and if you go over your set amount, you may be charged a fee.

Check your account fee schedule and stay within the limits to avoid being charged.

Are Gift Cards Eligible For Cash Back?

Some Target stores may offer cash back on gift cards. You’ll need to ask at your store to find out their gift card cash back policy.

Your state laws will also govern if you can receive your gift card balance as cash. Some states don’t allow any cash back on gift cards, while others will allow it if the gift card balance is low.

States that allow gift card cash back:

  • Washington – balance below $5
  • Montana – balance below $5
  • Oregon – balance below $5
  • California – balance below $10
  • Colorado – balance below $5
  • Vermont – balance below $1
  • Massachusetts – after 90% of the balance is redeemed
  • Rhode Island – balance below $1
  • Maine – balance below $5

How Does Target Cash Back Compare To Other Stores?

Target is at the low end of cash back retail outlets, but it isn’t the lowest. Here’s a list of cash back outlets ordered from lowest to highest.

Stores With Cash Back Limits Between $10 and $60

  • Chevron – $10
  • 7 Eleven – $10
  • Walgreens – $25
  • CVS – $35
  • Circle K – $40
  • Dollar General – $40
  • Shell – $40
  • Staples -$40
  • Dollar Tree – $50
  • Family Dollar -$50
  • Kmart – $50
  • Meijer – $50
  • Trader Joe’s – $50
  • Costco – $60

Stores With Cash Back Limits Between $100 and $300

  • Albertsons – upto $300
  • Aldi – $100
  • Hannaford – $100
  • Jewel Osco – $100
  • Publix – $100
  • Sam’s Club – $100
  • Walmart – $100 cash back ($60 at the self-service register)
  • Whole Foods – $100
  • Winn Dixie – $100
  • Food Lion – $200
  • Ralphs – $200
  • Safeway – $200
  • S-Mart $200 to $300
  • Shoprite – $200
  • Vons – $200
  • Shoppers Food Warehouse – $300
  • Kroger – $300

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Cash Back Does Target Do?

How Much Cash Back Does Target Do?

When you make a purchase at Target, you can get up to $40 cash back. Cash back is available at their regular checkouts and their self-service checkouts. There’s no fee to use the service and no minimum purchase amount.

Does Target Do Cash Back With Apple Pay?

Yes, you can get cash back at Target with Apple Pay. You’ll need to have a debit card linked to your Apple Pay account. Target offers up to $40 cash back when you make a purchase at their store.

Summing Up

It’s easy to get cash back at Target. Target offers up to $40 cash back when you check out with your debit card, Target Red Card, Target Wallet, or other mobile wallets.

If you use the checkout at a staffed register, just tell the associate how much cashback you need and they’ll take care of it for you.

If you’re using the Target self-service checkouts, enter your desired cashback amount on the card reader when you’re making your payment. Then tap the screen to dispense your cash.

There’s no fee to pay to use Target’s cashback service, although Target’s cash back limit is fairly low, so when you need more than $40 cash back, use a different store.

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