Does Target Take WIC?

Does Target take WIC? If you’re a WIC recipient, you should make sure that you can take advantage of your government benefits. WIC is very helpful for individuals in need. The good news is that the majority of retailers now accept WIC.

Target is one of the many companies that accept WIC or Women, Infant, and Children Benefits. Just remember that you can only use WIC to purchase certain items. Before leaving for Target, be sure to read the information provided below.

Does Target Take WIC in 2023?

Does Target Take WIC

If you’re interested in using your WIC benefits at Target, you’ll be glad to know that you can. The company accepts WIC and other governmental benefits. You can use your WIC benefits to purchase a wide variety of products from Target, including eggs, milk, bread, and more.

Certain items cannot be purchased using WIC benefits. In many cases, the items that are WIC eligible will be marked. Therefore, it is easier to know what you can and cannot buy.

Otherwise, you should figure it out before leaving. Below, you’ll find out more about using your WIC benefits at Target.

What Is WIC?

While most people can get SNAP benefits, WIC is a governmental program designed for women and children. The Special Supplemental Nutrition Benefits Program for Women, Infants, and Children tried to help low-income women and their children obtain nutritious foods.

WIC is handled federally. It is managed and dealt with by the Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service. The agent strives to reduce hunger while improving food security among low-income families.

If you’re a woman with a child, you may be eligible for WIC benefits. Get in touch with your state agency to find out whether you can sign up for these benefits.

What Does Target Accept WIC Payments For?

You’ll appreciate the fact that you can use WIC benefits to buy an assortment of items. Typically, the benefit is designed to help support women and their young children. It helps these individuals access healthy foods.

When you visit your local Target, you will be able to purchase milk, cheese, fruits, vegetables, bread, eggs, and more food items while playing with your WIC benefits.

Again, the eligible items might have a label letting you know that you can pay for the item using your WIC benefits.

If you’re not sure, you should consult with one of the workers at your local Target. Either way, you should be able to use your WIC benefits to purchase the following items.

  • Infant food
  • Eggs
  • Infant cereal
  • Juice
  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Tofu
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Whole grain products
  • Canned Fish
  • Soy-based drinks
  • Peanut butter

While some women will breastfeed their children, others will not. If you fit into the latter category or you partially breastfeed, you can use your WIC government benefits to buy infant formula. Once you’ve used your WIC benefits for a few months, you’ll easily know which items you can and cannot buy.

Again, you can always ask the store’s representative.

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Does Target Accept WIC Checks At All Stores?

Does Target Accept WIC Checks At All Stores?

Do you want to pay for your items at Target using your WIC benefits? If you’re buying eligible items, you should be able to do this. Most Target stores are going to accept WIC benefits. However, the rules may vary in certain states. In some areas, you can only use WIC benefits at Super Target stores.

The good news is that these stores offer a wider variety of food items. Most people enjoy shopping at Target because the company offers many items, excellent prices, and a comfortable shopping environment.

Before leaving home, you may want to call your local Target to see if they accept WIC benefits.

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Using Your WIC Card At Targets

There is a good chance that you’ve used your debit or credit card at some point. Doing so is quick and easy. All you have to do is scan your debit card and insert your PIN code. In some cases, you don’t need to provide a PIN.

Either way, it doesn’t require a lot of effort. How about your WIC card? How difficult will it be to use your WIC card at Target? Typically, recipients of these benefits will work with a nutritionist every one to three months. They’ll help you come up with a healthy food package for you and your children.

Then, the money will be deposited into your account. You can use your WIC card to pay for your items using your WIC benefits. Scan your WIC card and enter your Pin. It is pertinent to check your receipt carefully.

Make sure that your benefits were used to pay for your WIC-eligible items. If you were charged for any ineligible items, the cashier can remove them for you.

Using WIC At Target Self-Checkouts

In some cases, it is easier to use a self-checkout. Doing so will be quick and easy. If you have a few items, you can likely get out of the store quicker by checking yourself out. Just remember that there are limitations here.

You might not be able to pay using certain payment methods when using the self-checkout. Thankfully, self-checkout technologies are more advanced than ever before. As a result, you can easily pay for your items at the self-checkout. Even if you’re using your WIC card, you can use the self-checkout.

Again, all you have to do is scan your card and insert your PIN. If you’re buying items that are not eligible for WIC, you’ll have to pay for them using a different payment method. Regardless, the process will be easy and convenient.

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What Can’t Be Bought With WIC?

Although you can purchase many items with WIC benefits, some you cannot. Therefore, it is wise to learn more about the restrictions before leaving home. Which items cannot be bought using your WIC benefits?

Ultimately, there are numerous items that are restricted. For instance, you will not be able to purchase butter, cheddar cheese, chili beans, corn syrup, herbs, spices, gourds, and more. Ultimately, the rules are strict.

It is vital to make sure that you know what can be purchased. While you can buy certain formulas, some are not eligible. For instance, you cannot use your WIC benefits to buy formulas used solely for managing body weight or enhancing nutrient intake. Be sure to read the rules in your state to find out what your WIC benefits can be used for.


WIC benefits are very beneficial. However, you must remember you cannot use WIC benefits to purchase all items. It is pertinent to learn more about the rules in your area. Using a WIC card will be quick and easy.

You can use it at the self-checkout or you can let a cashier help you. Scan your card and provide your PIN to pay using your WIC benefits.


Can I Use My WIC At Target?

You can use your WIC benefits at Target. Most Target stores can accept these benefits. However, some states require WIC recipients to shop at Super Target.

Can you Use Your WIC Card Online At Target?

If you want to pay for your items using your WIC card, you’ll have to visit the store. WIC cards cannot be used online. Visit your local Target to buy what you need.

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