How To Develop Disposable Camera Film

Disposable cameras can be fun and convenient. When you use one of these cameras, you’ll feel like you’re stepping back in time. Plus, it might be easier and cheaper than buying a digital camera.

With that being said, you should realize that you’ll have to get the film developed at some point. Although you can get the film developed professionally, you can also do it on your own with the right equipment.

Just remember that you’ll have to remove the film from the camera without exposing it because doing so will ruin it. Read the guide below to learn how to do it.

How To Develop Disposable Camera Film

How To Develop Disposable Camera Film

To properly develop the film in your disposable camera, you’ll need to remove it first. You can’t do this haphazardly because doing so could destroy the film due to exposure.

Start by removing the cardboard and paper so you can access the film. You’ll need to take the camera apart by removing the screw holding it together.

Before removing the film, make sure the film is going to be protected. It should be opened in a dark room or dark camera bag. Don’t let the film be exposed to light.

After that, you can begin processing the film using the required chemicals and containers. Use the developing tank to pre-wash the film.

Let it soak for a few minutes before removing the water. Then, you must use the developer solution before removing it.

Next, use the developer solution and fixer solution. Once you’ve finished this step and begin the washing procedure, the film can finally be exposed to light. Move on to the wetting agent and remove bubbles.

Remove everything from the developing tank. Hang the reel and give the film time to dry. Once the film has dried, you can cut the film and store it in plastic sleeves.

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 How Much Does It Cost To Develop Disposable Cameras?

Although you could follow the advice above, it is often easier to let a professional develop the film for you.

Doing so ensures that you’re going to receive satisfactory results. The good news is that the costs are minimal. You can expect to pay roughly $15 to have your disposable camera film processed.

However, you may be charged extra for prints. Some online developers change for shipping too. Regardless, it’ll prove to be well worth it. When you let a professional handle it, you don’t have to worry about exposing your film and ruining it.

How long Do Disposable Cameras Take To Develop?

Are you interested in letting a professional develop your disposable camera for you? It is wise to do this because it’ll guarantee satisfactory results. Just remember that the process can take a few days. In many cases, it takes film roughly three weeks to be processed.

Thankfully, disposable camera prints usually don’t take this long. 35mm and disposable camera prints can usually be processed and picked up in as little as seven days. It could take up to 10 days depending on how busy the developer is though.

Where To Develop Disposable Cameras?

Where To Develop Disposable Cameras?

Developing disposable cameras doesn’t have to be overly complicated. You can likely do it on your own, but there are immense risks involved. You may expose the film to light and ruin it.

Furthermore, there is a risk that you’re going to expose yourself to harmful chemicals. With this in mind, it is best to let a professional develop the film for you.

Numerous companies offer this service so you likely won’t have to jump through too many hoops. First, you can try visiting your local CVS. Walgreens also offers this service. If you don’t have to leave home, you should consider using The Dark Room.

The company offers film development services for disposable cameras and single-use cameras. The only downside is that you’ll have to pay the shipping costs. Walmart usually develops disposable camera films too.

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Pros And Cons – DIY Disposal Camera Film Development

Have you ever contemplated developing your own film from a disposal camera? If so, you are not alone. Professional camera film development is highly preferable, but it is far from being your own option.

DIY camera film development is another option. However, it requires specialized equipment, components, and chemicals to develop film in the comfort of your home.

DIY film development is not always time- or cost-efficient. In the beginning, you will end up spending more to create a darkroom than if you took your film to a professional. However, once your darkroom is installed, your expenses will be minimal from here on out.

One of the main reasons photographers develop their own films is privacy concerns. As a professional photographer, there is the risk of others stealing your ideas, which could end up costing you a stealthy contract.

Other pros of DIY film development are better clarity, flexibility, and affordability over time.


The process of developing disposable cameras can be difficult. You must work diligently to avoid exposing the film to light. Plus, you may mess up the film during the development process.

If this happens, you may not be able to develop the pictures properly. It is wise to let a professional handle it or practice first.

Those who don’t want to risk it should consider visiting CVS, Walgreen, or Walmart since these companies offer disposable camera development services.

FAQs (Frequent Asked Questions)

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Disposable Camera?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Disposable Camera?

Developing your disposable camera film won’t be expensive. However, the price depends on the company you use. The price tends to range from $15 to $20.

Can I Develop Disposable Cameras Myself?

In all likelihood, you can develop the disposable camera film on your own. However, you’ll need the right chemicals and equipment. The process isn’t easy and there is always a risk that you’ll damage the film.

Therefore, it is pertinent to be very careful. In many cases, it might be better to let a professional handle it.

Can You Still Buy And Develop Disposable Cameras?

Surprisingly, you can still buy and develop disposable cameras. Although these cameras aren’t as popular as they used to be, some consumers prefer using them. Many companies still offer disposable camera development services.

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