How Much Do Puppy Shots Cost at PetSmart?

Puppies are just about the most delightful creatures on God’s green earth.

Your heart melts at those big brown eyes and you want to do everything you can to keep your little furball safe and healthy.

That means a trip to your local vet for a wellness exam and vaccinations, but the prices for a series of puppy shots can make your eyes water.

You know that PetSmart offers great value pet supplies and you’ve heard that they do puppy shots, so of course, you wonder, “How much do puppy shots cost at PetSmart?”

In this guide, we’ll give you a full rundown of the puppy vaccination options available at PetSmart and tell you how much the different vaccines cost.

PetSmart offers vaccinations through its two partner veterinary clinics. Banfield Pet Hospital and ShotVet.

Vaccinations At PetSmart Are Provided By Banfield Pet Hospital and ShotVet


PetSmart doesn’t offer vaccinations themselves, they’re a pet supplies retailer and they don’t provide veterinary services.

What you will find at many PetSmart locations are Banfield Pet Hospital and ShotVet clinics.

These two pet healthcare providers partner with PetSmart to give PetSmart customers access to convenient and affordable healthcare services for their pets.

There are some pros, and cons to getting your puppy vaccinated at your local PetSmart.

PetSmart Vaccination Pros

  • Easy to find locations
  • Easy parking
  • Affordable rates

PetSmart Vaccination Cons

  • Lines can be long, especially at ShotVet
  • A busy store can be scary and overwhelming for a puppy
  • Clinics may be short-staffed
  • Customer service isn’t always helpful

Before you book an appointment, you might like to drop in without your puppy on one of the clinic days and see how busy they are and how the clinic is set up.

How Much Do Puppy Shots Cost At PetSmart For The Core Vaccines?

How Much Do Puppy Shots Cost At PetSmart

Banfield Clinics At PetSmart

The core vaccinations for your puppy at a PetSmart with a Banfield clinic will cost roughly $123 for the first visit.

The rabies shot costs around $28. You’ll only need 1 rabies shot per year.

The DA2P shot protects your puppy from Distemper, Adenovirus 2, and Parvovirus. This vaccine costs in the region $40.

You’ll also have to pay an office visit fee of roughly $55.

Although if you’re a new customer, you can get a free office visit coupon (see below) which takes the cost of your rabies shot and first DA2P down to $68.

DA2P shots are given at 8, 12, and 16 weeks.

Banfield Pet Hospital also offers 2 puppy wellness packages that provide 1-year of preventive care for your puppy.

Their Puppy Early Care plan costs $43.95 per month and covers vaccination, unlimited office visits, unlimited vet chats, 2 exams per year, 2 virtual visits per year, 4 deworming treatments per year, 3 fecal exams per year, a DNA test to look for genetic diseases, a pet wellness coaching session, 1 diagnostic test per year, and a 5% discount on other services

Their Puppy Early Care Plus plan costs $55.95 per month and includes everything in the Puppy Early Care Plan plus spay or neuter surgery, and a 10% discount on other services.

ShotVet Clinics At PetSmart

Core puppy vaccinations at a PetSmart with a ShotVet clinic will cost $26 for a rabies shot, and $39 for the DA2PP shot (Distemper, Adenovirus, Parvovirus, and Parainfluenza).

There’s no charge for the office visit.

ShotVet also offers a complete series of core puppy shots for $179 when you buy their Puppy Club package.

At a ShotVet clinic, you’ll be charged a $3 needle disposal fee.

How To Get A Free Office Visit At Banfield Pet Hospital Clinic

To download a free office visit coupon, go to

Check If Your Local PetSmart Has A Vaccine Provider

To find out if your local PetSmart has a Banfield Pet Hospital or a ShotVet, you’ll need to use their location tools to check what’s available in your area.

Find A PetSmart With A Banfield Clinic

  1. For Banfield, go to
  2. Enter your zip code or city and state, then look through the locations that come up.
  3. If a Banfield clinic is in a PetSmart store near you, you’ll see the PetSmart logo on the listing.

Find A PetSmart With A ShotVet Vaccination Clinic

  1. To check if ShotVet is at your local PetSmart, go to
  2. Enter your city, then look through the list.
  3. Each ShotVet location tells you which store it’s at and when the next clinic will be open.

Puppy Shots Cost At PetSmart For Noncore Vaccines?

While the core vaccines are recommended for all puppies, noncore vaccines are often advised depending on the part of the country that you live in and the type of activities you expect to do with your dog.

To find out if your puppy should get any of the non-core vaccines, ask the vet at your vaccination appointment for advice.

Bordetella (bordetella bronchiseptica)

Bordetella is commonly known as kennel cough, and this is an upper respiratory system illness characterized by inflammation of the airway, which leads to coughing.

Dogs that mix with other dogs outside their home environment are more prone to this infection, and doggie daycares, training facilities, and boarding facilities will all require a Bordetella vaccine.

The Bordetella vaccine is given at 6 to 8 weeks, with a 2nd dose at 10 to 12 weeks.

What is the Cost at PetSmart for the Bordetella vaccine?

At PetSmart, a puppy shot with the Bordetella vaccine costs in the region of $39 with ShotVet, and $34 with Banfield.

Canine Influenza (H3N8 & H3N2)

This is another respiratory infection in dogs, which causes a cough and a runny nose. Symptoms are usually mild and most dogs get over the illness with rest and supportive care at home.

However, some dogs can become quite sick and need veterinary attention.

The Canine Influenza shot is given to puppies over 7 weeks old. A second shot is needed 2 to 4 weeks later.

What is the Cost of Puppy Shots at PetSmart for the Canine Influenza vaccine?

At PetSmart, a puppy shot with the Canine Influenza vaccine costs roughly $44 with ShotVet, and $53 with Banfield.

Lyme Disease (borrelia burgdorferi)

Lyme disease is carried by deer ticks. It’s a bacterial infection that’s transmitted to cats and dogs when an infected tick bites your pet to ingest a meal. Unfortunately, sometimes, Lyme disease can be very serious, so if you live in a state where Lyme is prevalent you’ll want to consider this extra vaccination.

Lyme is most commonly found in the following states:

  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Wisconsin

Puppies can get a Lyme vaccine at 8 to 9 weeks old. They’ll need a second dose 3 to 4 weeks later. Your puppy will be protected from Lyme disease 4 weeks after the second shot.

What is the Cost at PetSmart for the Lyme disease vaccine?

At PetSmart, a puppy shot for Lyme disease costs in the region of $39 with ShotVet, and $43 with Banfield.


This is a bacterial infection that causes leptospirosis. It’s spread through urine and can affect the kidneys and livers of dogs who swim in rivers and lakes.

Your puppy can receive this vaccine at 8 to 9 weeks old, but many vets wait until 12 weeks. A second shot is needed 2 to 4 weeks later.

The Cost of Puppy Shots at PetSmart for the Leptospira vaccine?

At PetSmart, a puppy shot with the Leptospira vaccine costs about $39 with ShotVet, and $24 with Banfield.

Crotalus atrox (Rattlesnake vaccine)

This is a shot marketed for dogs at risk of rattlesnake bites in the Western United States.

In theory, when a dog is protected with this vaccine, a rattlesnake bite is less of a threat because the dog should have antibodies to the snake venom.

The rattlesnake vaccine is fairly new and there isn’t much evidence to show that it’s worthwhile.

The standard treatment for a rattlesnake bite or any venomous snake bite is a series of antivenom shots which have a good track record.

A puppy can get the Rattlesnake vaccine from 4 months old.

How Much Do Puppy Shots Cost at PetSmart for the Rattlesnake vaccine?

At PetSmart, a puppy shot against rattlesnake bites costs around $42 with ShotVet, and Banfield doesn’t list this option.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do PetSmart Carry Puppy Shots?

Do PetSmart Carry Puppy Shots?

PetSmart partners with Banfield Pet Hospital and ShotVet to provide puppy shots at PetSmart stores. Both services offer individual vaccinations and packages. ShotVet at PetSmart offers a Puppy Club package which covers the core vaccine series of shots for $179. Banfield Pet Hospital at PetSmart offers a full puppy preventative care plan including spay or neuter surgery for $55.95 per month.

How Much Does 1 Puppy Shot Cost?

The cost of a puppy shot depends on the type of shot. At PetSmart, a puppy rabies shot costs around $28, while the DA2P shot costs about $40. You only need to get 1 rabies shot for your puppy, but the DA2P needs to be given 3 times. DA2P covers Distemper, Parvovirus, and Adenovirus 2.

Rabies and DA2P are core shots recommended for all puppies, but other shots may be needed. A Bordetella vaccine for kennel cough costs about $40, and a shot for Lyme disease costs about $40, as does a vaccine for Leptospira. The Canine Influenza shot costs roughly $44.

Summing Up

Getting the essential core puppy shots at PetSmart could save you some money compared to the prices at your local vet.

Vaccine clinics aren’t available at every PetSmart store and you should check what’s available in your area by using the location finders mentioned above.

Wait times can be long unless you book an appointment in advance and the environment could be stressful for a young puppy.

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