PetSmart Return Policy

The PetSmart Return Policy varies depending on the purpose. The company categorizes its selection of in-store and online products as refundable and nonrefundable. It is important to know the ins and outs of the company’s Return Policy in advance.

There is no guarantee that a specific product will meet your needs or function flawlessly upon receipt. To protect your investment for the just-in-case, know if the products are refundable or nonrefundable.

PetSmart Return Policy 2023 Updated

PetSmart Live Fish Refund Policy

As mentioned previously, PetSmart’s Return Policy includes all in-store and online services and products. Consumers know the importance of a Refund Policy for their investments. It cannot be stressed enough, new products off the shelf are going to function flawlessly.

In addition, there is also the risk of incompatibility. In other words, when consumers make pet supply purchases, there is no guarantee they will work for their pets.

For example, a customer makes a purchase of a doggie sweater, which just happens to be too small. Thanks to PetSmart’s Refund Policy, the customer can return the doggie sweater back to any location for a full refund.

The customer also has the option to replace the doggie sweater for the same product of a larger size or a different brand.

PETsMART History

Are you a PetSmart member? If so, you probably rely on the retailer to provide you with the essentials for your pet(s). PetSmart is one of the largest pet store chains in the world. The company began as PetFood Warehouse in 1986.

A year later, the company had two locations in Phoenix, Arizona. Pet food was available at heavily discounted prices in bulk. Two years later, the company changed its leadership and name to PETsMART.

With the changes can an expansion into other US states. PETsMART began to pull away from bulk, discounted pet food and toward a variety of offerings.

Today, PetSmart offers puppy training programs, grooming, veterinary care, pet adoption, day camps for dogs, pet boarding, and a large selection of pet supplies.

2023 Return Policy at PetSmart

Like most American pet store chains, PetSmart does not update its Return Policy often. When the company updates its Return Policy, it will alert its members via email. It is important to understand the fine details included in the Return Policy.

A minor detail could prevent you from getting a refund for a specific product. If you know anything about shopping for pet supplies, you know the price tag varies from low to high.

When a product is nonrefundable, the consumer takes a risk of losing their investment. If you purchase a low-ticket item that does not function or fit properly or suit your needs, the financial loss will most likely not be devastating. Unfortunately, the same thing cannot be said about a high-ticket non-refundable product.

PetSmart 60-Day Return Policy

PetSmart’s extensive selection of in-store and online pet supplies is refundable. These products can be returned to any PetSmart location for a full refund or replacement.

There is one exception for PetSmart returns. Depending on the product, customers have up to 60 days from the initial purchase date to return the product to a PetSmart store.

The product should be in its original packaging when returning for a full refund. If the product is not in its original packaging, it will be deemed non-returnable.

To avoid finding yourself in this situation, it is crucial to hold onto the original packaging for at least 60 days of the initial purchase. After the 60-day deadline, the customer will need to reach out to the manufacturer for a solution.

Does PetSmart Accept Returns With No Receipt?

PetSmart encourages its customers to store their online and in-store receipts in a safe location for up to 60 days. The company does accept digital copies of the store receipt. To manage their PetSmart and other retail receipts, some consumers download them to their cellphone.

There are several apps that are utilized for this purpose. Storing digital copies of your PetSmart receipts will ensure your returns qualify for a full refund within the 60-day deadline.

PetSmart does offer returns on items without the original receipt. The customer is required to present the product in its original packaging and a valid driver’s license or other photo identification card at any location.

The associate will run the product to determine if it was or is on sale upon return. If the product is discounted or on sale, the customer will receive a refund for that amount, not the full retail price. This is just one reason why you need to hang onto your receipts until the return deadline has expired.

It is important to note, PetSmart has the right to deny a refund on products without the original receipt.

Refunds without a receipt are generally available in the form of store credit. Again, the refund amount will depend on whether or not the product has been on sale or is discounted upon return to the store. The associate may give you the option of exchanging the product instead of store credit.

PetSmart Live Pet Refund Policy

PetSmart Refund Policy has a 14-day deadline on live animals, including fish, birds, bearded dragons, snakes, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, mice, geckos, fish, and turtles.

While live pets generally take several days to acclimate to a new home, some never recover. This is why PetSmart protects its customers by offering a 14-day return policy on all live pets purchased in-store.

Purchases of live pets can be made online and picked up at your nearest location. Pet availability varies depending on the in-store stock.

PetSmart Live Fish Refund Policy

PetSmart Live Fish Refund Policy

Customers have 14 days from their initial purchases to return fish for a full refund or replacement. Refunds are not available for those without proof of purchase.

PetSmart Pet Food Refund Policy

PetSmart Refund Policy categorizes pet food (dry and wet) as refundable. If the customer is dissatisfied with a dog food brand, it can be returned to any PetSmart location for a full refund.

Unopened pet food is refundable for up to 60 days. Customers have up to 14 days of the initial purchase date to return opened or unused pet food for a refund.

Does PetSmart offer refunds on opened and unopened dog food without a valid receipt? Yes, the company offers refunds on pet food without proof of purchase. The refund comes in the form of store credit. PetSmart will not refund pet food purchases without a receipt if the customer does not have a valid government-issued ID.

Dog food not in its original packaging is classified as nonrefundable. The dog food can be donated to a local humane society or other pet charity, where it will be utilized for the better benefit of homeless animals.

Does PetSmart Store Receipts In Its Database?

Yes, but only if you are a PetSmart Treats Rewards Program member. When the customer presents their PetSmart Treats Rewards Program card to the associate at the time of purchase, the transaction is stored in the company’s database. This is a guaranteed way to secure each PetSmart investment.

If you need to return something to PetSmart for an exchange or refund, you can without a receipt. However, the refund amount will vary depending on several factors. If the product has been or is on sale, the customer will receive this amount in the form of store credit.

If the customer is a member of the PetSmart Treats Rewards Program, a full refund will be offered. However, this excludes purchases, where the customer’s rewards card was not scanned.

If the rewards card is not scanned at the time of purchase, the transaction is not recorded. So, there will be no proof of purchase for the product in question unless the customer has the original receipt.

How Does PetSmart’s Refund Policy Classify Pet Prescription Medicine?

PetSmart classifies prescription medicine for pets as nonrefundable. The company does not offer refunds for pet medications purchased through a vet prescription.

Prescription cat or dog medication is also not exchangeable.

Does PetSmart Offer Refunds In The Form Of Cash Or Credit Card?

It depends on the original purchase. Products purchased with cash are refunded in cash. Products purchased with a debit card are available in cash or a refund to the same debit card. The associate should offer you an option of how you want to receive your refund.

How To Get A Credit Card Refund If The Credit Card Is Unavailable?

Credit card purchases are refundable on qualifying products. The refund is issued back to the card holder’s credit card. If the purchasing credit card is unavailable, the associate may not be able to refund the customer via their credit card.

Some retailers store their customers’ credit card information in their databases. This may not be the case for the PetSmart location the purchase was made.

The product still qualifies for a refund. So, if the purchasing credit card is unavailable, the associate will offer the customer store credit.

Does PetSmart Deduct Shipping Fees From Refunds?

Yes, when a customer requests a refund on an online purchase, the shipping fees will be deducted from the total.

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